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When you choose to stay new, modern and comfortable Eurostars Hotel Old City, you can be sure that you are on the doorstep of İstanbul’s historical and cultural places. Eurostars Old City is in the heart of the Historical Peninsula next to most of İstanbul’s eye-catching attractions, a perfect location for those who are here to visit İstanbul’s famous landmarks. Amongst the easily accessible attractions within easily a few minutes walking distances are; Topkapı Palace, St Sophia Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar, Underground Cistern.St Sophia, Marmaray.

You can discover many mesmerizing structures of the Old City with our Istanbul old city tour . Moreover, you will be informed on history of the Byzantine Empire, which will connect the story of Istanbul. The tour starts with Roman Hippodrome, where the chariot races and occasional festivals were organized during Roman and Byzantine period. Then we will visit Blue Mosque, the iconic Ottoman mosque with 6 minarets. It was built between 1609 and 1616, during reign of Ahmed I, and consists the symbolic tomb of him, a madrasa and a hospice. It is still actively used as a Mosque today, allowing you to pray in the same place where countless Sultans have prayed for hundreds of years. Next we will see the German fountain, gift of Kaiser Wilhelm 2 to Sultan Abdulhamid II. Then, we will visit Hagia Sophia, which is also known as the Church of Divine Wisdom, served as a church for Byzantines for 916 years until Fatih the conqueror conquered Istanbul, he converted this magnificent building into a mosque and it served as a mosque for 482, until Ataturk and the council decided to convert it into a museum in 1935. Before lunch break at a local Turkish restaurant, we will visit Grand Bazaar, where we will explore examples of Turkish handcrafted products ranging from carpets to leather jacket and many souvenirs.

You can also check out Magnificent Istanbul tour .We will explore the iconic Suleymaniye Mosque, mesmerizing Blue Mosque, Turkish and Islamic Art Museumand Yildiz Palace. Suleymaniye Mosque was built by one of the best architects of Ottomans and the world, Mimar Sinan. By the order of Suleyman the Magnificent, Mimar Sinan started to build Suleymaniye Mosque in 1557. It approximately took 7 years to finish this glorious mosque, he designed and controlled every detail of the process. Situated at the top of a hill of Kantarcilar district, Suleymaniye mosque still stands gloriously to this day. Every Empire in history left their legacies from the brightest period of its lifetime. And these artifacts tell us about the power Ottoman Empire used to hold. Sinan also paid closed attention to interior design of the mosque. When you enter you can see the detailed artwork made with marbles, gold and jewelry in domes, minarets. Our guide will inform you in more detail about the construction process, history and cultural importance of this masterpiece. Then we will continue with the Blue mosque. Blue Mosque, called Sultanahmetin Turkish, was ordered by Sultan Ahmed I. in 1609 and built by a pupil and senior assistant of the famous architect Mimar Sinan. It is called the Blue Mosque because of blue tiles surrounding the walls of interior design. While at the Blue Mosque, we will also look at the Hippodrome, a Roman heritage which was used as an arena for sport events and political activities. It was one of the main places for common folk to gather around and socialize. Then we will continue with the Turkish and Islamic Art Museum. It is situated right next to the Hippodrome and was residence of an Ottoman vizier named Ibrahim Pasha. Here we will explore one of the richest carpet collections of the world, handwriting Koran-I Kerims gifted and collected around the world. In the section of wooden works, we will see the collections of Anatolian Wood art, some of them ranges to 9thcentury and Anatolian Seljuks. After half a day of exploration, we will have a lunch break on a local restaurant. Then we will visit Yildiz Palace. Yildiz Palace is the 4 thadministration center of Ottoman Empire, situated at Besiktas, and holds an amazing view of the Bosphorus and Asian side of the city. Our last stop is the Sale Kiosk, a residence of a former Ottoman Sultan.

Eurostars hotel`s modern rooms and strategic location makes it a perfect place to accommodate in your visit to Istanbul. It is in the hearth of the Old City, enriched with many historical beauties. If you are looking for a comfort in your visit, Eurostars hotel is here for you.




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