A Unique Scenery: Camlica Hill

Camlica Hill in Istanbul is one of most famous recreation spots among the Istanbulites. It is known for its magnificent view of the Bosphorus and beautiful nature. You take a sip from your warm tea while listening to the chirps of the birds. Spend a calm afternoon at this historic location.

Camlica Hill: How to Get There

Here is some information about how to reach Camlica Hill:
How to go to Camlica Hill from:
Taksim: Take the 129T Bus from the bus terminal at Taksim Square. Get off at Kısıklı stop. Then, you can take a taxi or walk to the top of the hill following the road signs.
Kadikoy: Take the 14F Bus from the bus terminal in front of the Kadikoy Pier. Get off at Kural stop and walk to the sight.
Besiktas: Take the 129T Bus from Besiktas Square and get off at Kısıklı stop. It is the same route with Taksim.
Sultanahmet: This route is a little bit more complicated. Take the T1 Kabatas tramway from Sultanahmet station and get off at Sirkeci stop.  You will see the big Marmaray station in front of you. Take the Marmaray going to Sogutlucesme way and get off at Uskudar Station. It is only 4 minutes, one stop. From there, without leaving the station, transfer to the M5 Cekmekoy metro and get off at Kısıklı stop. You must check which way the trains are headed, you can ask a security staff, of check the boards that show the stops. When you get off, leave the metro station and walk 20 minutes to the Camlica Hill. You can use map applications for your walk or take a taxi.

Eat and Drink!

You can’t fully enjoy this view without a cup of traditional Turkish coffee. There is a restaurant on the top of the hill where you can have a cup of Turkish coffeeTurkish tea or a delicious dinner, right in front of the amazing view of Bosphorus. Food surely tastes better with a view as magnificent as this.

It Is Always Easier and More Fun with a Local Guide!
If you want to experience Camlica Hill with the guidance of a local guide, check our Dolmabahçe Palace tour with Asian Side of Istanbul tour. It is a 4-hour long tour, with an English-speaking guide and a pick-up and drop-off service from/to centrally located hotels. You will be picked-up from your hotel and we will drive over the Bosphorus Bridge which connects two continents, Europe and Asia. Then we will go to the highest peak of Istanbul: Camlica Hill. We will stop for taking photographs and then drive to Dolmabahçe Palace.

Panoramic Bosphorus View

The famous Camlica Hill view is a one-of-a-kind panoramic Bosphorus view. This location is most photographers’ favorite. You can take beautiful photographs of the Camlica Hill sunset. It is also an amazing experience to see Camlica Hill at night, with the colorful lights of the bridge shining onto the sea.

The Landscape Of Camlica Hill

If the tulip growing time is followed in April on Camlica hill, where fresh air dominates, even more, vivid photographs may be captured. Almost every weekend, a few wedding photographers may be seen, making it a perfect location for newlyweds to shoot photos. Arab travelers frequently express a desire to see Camlica Hill. The wedding picture sessions that take place atop the hill attract Arabs. The hill was given the Arabic name Tel Arais, which means "wedding hill." Chamliga hill is a wonderland with antique trees, bright flowers, and tulips, as well as nice air.

Things To Do At Camlica Hill

With its wonderful Bosphorus perspective, it draws many local and foreign tourists who come to see the city. This hill is also one of the greatest vantage points in Istanbul for seeing migrating birds. Bird watchers from all over the world flock here in the spring months, especially in September and October. From Camlica hill, you can see the Bosphorus, Princes Islands, Golden Horn, and Istanbul's European Side. With the fast advancement of technology, the need for transmitters for successful radio and television transmission is growing by the day. Thanks to agreements with local technological businesses, the TV & Radio tower on Kucuk Camlica hill aspires to raise broadcasting quality and capacity to international standards. The streaming service will be available on the tower as of September 2020. Without interruption, more than 100 radio frequencies can be transmitted simultaneously. The tower seeks to provide infrastructure services to cellular communications providers in addition to media broadcasts. Istanbul's Camlica tower, souvenirs, café, and 360-degree restaurant appear to be attracting a lot of attention. When such a rare perspective is available in a large city like Istanbul, its value skyrockets.

In many poems and works of literature, Istanbul is known for its seven hills, Çamlıca is the tallest of the seven. Çamlıca Hill, which is also mentioned in many songs, is located in Üsküdar. The most beautiful sunsets in the entire city can be viewed from this hill. Among the many locations visible from Çamlıca are the Prince Islands, Sultanahmet, Süleymaniye and Ortaköy. As you will see, the view certainly does justice to the silhouette of Istanbul that it encompasses.

The hill is divided into two separate sections: Büyük and Küçükçamlıca. Without doubt, it provides a warm welcome to those who would like to view the panoramic beauty of Istanbul and the Bosphorus and the unique beauty of an Istanbul sunset. In addition to the hill’s famous views, it is also home to many cafes, where you can get your fill of the unique pleasure that narghile offers. Often, newly-married couples make trips to Çamlıca Hill after their ceremony, further adding to the lively atmosphere on the hill.

Breakfast Over The Bosphorus

Istanbul, the turkish city between Asia and Europe divided by bosphorus sea

Due to the fact that the Ottoman sultans paid a good deal of attention and appreciation to the area, Çamlıca is also the site of many pavilions. As expressions of the splendor and joie de vivre of the Ottoman sultanate, these pavilions – most of which still exist – today helped to make Çamlıca what it is. Today they provide an excellent setting for an Istanbul brunch, and their natural beauty offers succor to many an Istanbul resident who has grown exhausted from the bustle of urban life. In these surroundings, you can enjoy the flavor of tea or a Turkish coffee.

The Sofa, Cihannüma, Topkapı and Su pavilions, all of which demonstrate the elegance and detail of Ottoman architecture, are located within the Küçük Çamlıca Woods. If you want to give yourself the gift of a brunch, while taking in the incomparable views of the Bosphorus during your trip to Istanbul, the establishments located in these pavilions will surely satisfy you with their diverse breakfast menus. At these pavilions, you will find a wide variety of food, along with hot and cold drinks. They are open from 09.00-23.00.