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To most tourists, Istanbul is mostly made of the European side, but what most of them miss is that the Anatolian side has a lot of great attractions as well. One of the most known and beautiful parts of Istanbul’s Anatolian side is the Moda Coastal Park. If you want to know what to do in Moda Istanbul to have a great time, keep on reading as we explore this beautiful neighborhood inside-out.

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Things to do in Moda Istanbul
Walk Along the Bosphorus: Moda Coast is the perfect place in Istanbul to walk along the Bosphorus Strait and watch Istanbul from a unique perspective. This is evident from the simple fact that it is almost always packed with people who are jogging, riding bikes or just sitting under trees or on banks. Few things are as relaxing as putting in your headphones and taking a walk along the Moda Shoreline during a summer day.
Visit Baris Manco Museum: One of the most known and loved attractions in Moda other than its seaside is the Baris Manco Museum. Baris Manco was a pioneer rock musician, singer and songwriter in Turkey who is known and loved by almost everyone. This museum carries the title of being one of the last mansions in Moda and has a 19th century Victorian style. Inside the Baris Manco Museum, all items, costumes, photos and many other details related to Baris Manco are exhibited.
Try out different cafés and restaurants: Moda Street is filled with great cafes and restaurants to hang out and eat in. Yer Café is definitely one of the highlights with its original and captivating interior design. The artworks hung on the walls, vintage furniture and the modest lighting are all part of what makes this place charming and cozy. In the menu, you can find anything you want from a delicious Turkish breakfast to dinner.
If you want to try out some delicious pastry, Papatya Café & Bakery is one of the best bakeries in Moda District Istanbul. On top of their great pastry, they also have an extensive menu which includes stuff like sandwiches, salads, toasts, coffees and desserts. The friendly staff is the cherry on top!
Juliet Rooms & Kitchen is another great choice for those that are looking for a cozy place, excellent menu and location. If you are visiting Moda neighborhood Istanbul during summer or spring, we highly suggest that you sit on the outside tables to truly appreciate the bohemian atmosphere of Moda Istanbul. Also, if you haven’t tried the famous Turkish Breakfast, this is the place to do so.
Drink tea in one of the tea gardens: If you think British people are very fond of tea, it means that you have never come to Turkey before. Try sitting inside a tea garden in Moda like Moda Cay Bahcesi or Moda Aile Cay Bahcesi and take in the beautiful sight of the Bosphorus while drinking your tea.
Visit Sureyya Opera House: Love classical music? Then there is no place better in the whole Kadikoy district to watch live operas, classical music and ballet performances. This modest opera house with its distinct architectural style carries the title of being the first opera house on Istanbul’s Anatolian side.
Eat at Koco Restaurant: Since it was opened in 1928, this classic Turkish restaurant has become an irreplaceable part of Moda. Their terrace has a great location that overlooks the Marmara Sea. If you want to eat sea food with mezes and drink raki, all of which are important parts of Turkish culture, this is the perfect place to do it.
Eat Ice Cream in Dondurmaci Ali Usta: Undoubtedly one of the best ice cream places in not only the city of Istanbul, but in the whole country, Dondurmaci Ali Usta (Ice Cream of Ali Usta) is one of the best Moda Istanbul things to do whether you visit Moda during the summer months or not. Their ice cream is natural and incredibly tasty, and their entire staff is very knowledgeable in their products, so they can explain each and every ice cream flavor and their contents to you if you want. Don’t forget to get a cup of salep with your ice cream!
Visit the Kadife Sokak: If you haven’t went on pub crawling in Kadife Sokak during nighttime, you haven’t experienced Kadife Sokak to its fullest potential. During nights, this street’s bars are filled with young students who just want to have a good time. Amongst the bars and pubs in this street, Arkaoda is definitely the standout. The atmosphere that the modest lighting, clever interior design and the live DJ performances create is simply unparalleled.
After Arkaoda, you can try out other great bars and pubs like Ayi, Zeplin and Zor to try out different drinks and experience this famous bar street to its fullest.
Other Things to do in Kadikoy
Of course, the famous district of Kadikoy is not entirely made of Moda Kadikoy Istanbul. You can experience everything Moda has to offer in half a day easily, and after that, we recommend that you explore the rest of Kadikoy.
Kadikoy is home to many different restaurants and food stores that reflect the Turkish kitchen, so a great way to experience this may be going on a culinary tour in Kadikoy to try out baklava, Turkish breakfast and Turkish coffee.
If you want to expand your boundaries a little bit, adding Uskudar to your list of places to travel is good idea. Since they are easily the most popular districts in the Asian side of Istanbul, going on a Uskudar and Kadikoy tour is an excellent choice to experience most of the things that the Asian side has to offer.
Where is Moda Istanbul?
Moda Street Istanbul is located in the Kadikoy district of Istanbul, so in order to get to it, you first need to reach Kadikoy. The easiest way of going to Kadikoy from the European side of Istanbul is using the Marmaray to go to the Ayrilik Cesmesi stop and transferring to M4 Kadikoy – Tavsantepe metro line. From there, Kadikoy is just 1 stop away.
Alternatively, you can hop on a ferry to Kadikoy from Eminonu. You can go to Eminonu easily with Bagcilar – Kabatas tramway line. Both the ferries and the metro will leave you at Kadikoy Dock. If you are in the walking mood, you can walk along the Bosphorus for about 20 minutes to reach Moda Kadikoy Istanbul. If not, you can get on the T3 Kadikoy – Moda tramway line and get off at the Moda Caddesi stop.

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Brandon - June 10, 2019

If you have belief, Chalcedon area will satisfy you. However lunch was delicious.

Marc - May 06, 2019

We went to Moda Bay. A few kids were swimming there. We also used the Marmaray Train. Under the Bosphorus. Will be a nice memery.

Alexander - April 09, 2019

I already read much things about Istanbul s highlight areas. All of them was mentioning about the Old City of Istanbul. That s ok, there are a lot of historical heritages but know this there is another living part of the city. Asian side.

Caleb - February 01, 2019

Very good guide

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