Istanbul, the city where East meets West, is captivating hearts not just for its stunning mosques and vibrant bazaars, but also for its developing health tourism scene. Travelers from all over the world seeking medical care are increasingly choosing Istanbul, impressed by the perfect blend of world-class healthcare, competitive prices, and amazing cultural richness. is dedicated to serving people all over the world with the best attractions and services in Istanbul as well as the latest information. For this reason, we carefully pick companies with the So, we are proud to inform you of our collaboration with one of the best aesthetics clinics in Istanbul: TrustMed Clinic. 

About TrustMed Clinic Istanbul Turkey

Established in 2005, TrustMed Clinic is one of the leading and trustworthy actors in health tourism in Turkey. The clinic, under the umbrella of a well-established international company since 1980, is dedicated to providing top-notch services in plastic and cosmetic surgery and dermatology.

With renowned doctors like EBOPRAS (European Board of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgeons) certified plastic surgeon Dr. Burak Pasinlioğlu in plastic surgery and well-known dermatologist with the Board certification Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ezgi Özkur in dermatology, TrustMed Clinic sets high standards in their services. Specializing in mummy makeovers, breast and facial aesthetics, body aesthetics, and male aesthetics, TrustMed aims to be the best clinic in Turkey and worldwide. The Clinic’s commitment includes transparent pricing, no hidden costs, and personalized care, offering tailored services with discounted flight tickets, hotel arrangements, transfers, insurance, and post-operative care packages. TrustMed Clinic ensures your health journey is not just a procedure but a commitment to your well-being.

At, we work to ensure your Istanbul journey meets your needs. With our collaboration with TrustMed Clinic., you can fill out the form below and get the best prices for your aesthetic operation needs. Fill out the form and get a free quote and free consultation. 

Travel Services Offered by TrustMed Clinic

TrustMed Clinic extends its commitment to your well-being by providing comprehensive travel services tailored to enhance your overall experience.

  • Cost-Effective Flight Tickets: TrustMed Clinic helps you to get affordable flight tickets on your behalf, ensuring a budget-friendly journey from start to end. Companion’s ticket is free if you book through us.
  • Five-Star Hotel Accommodations: During your journey and recovery period, TrustMed contracted five-star hotels, carefully selected to complement your leisure and healing process for exclusive rates.
  • VIP Transfers: TrustMed Clinic provides seamless transportation with VIP vehicles for both airport transfers and city travel related to your operation. For optimizing every aspect of your journey, from travel arrangements to recovery, the professional staff of the Clinic is there for you. 
  • Enjoy the City: TrustMed Clinic is there for you every step of your journey so you can enjoy Istanbul with complimentary city tours for you or your companion

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Languages Spoken 

  • English
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International Health Tourism Authorization Certificate

Opening Hours 

Here are the working hours of TrustMed Clinic:

Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 19:00

Services Offered by TrustMed Clinic

TrustMed Clinic promotes a commitment to excellence and global standards in healthcare. The Clinic is one of the best clinics in the world for individuals seeking unparalleled medical services worldwide. In this section, let’s have a look at the remarkable services that make TrustMed Clinic a trusted destination for individuals from all corners of the globe.

Mummy Makeover 

A Mummy Makeover at TrustMed Clinic is a comprehensive procedure designed to restore your pre-pregnancy body shape by combining multiple surgeries. Typically containing breast augmentation, reduction or lift, tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), full-body liposuction, and Brazilian butt lift, this transformative process addresses various areas simultaneously. 

The abdominoplasty operation targets excess skin and fat layers in the abdomen, aiming to create a firmer and flatter appearance. Importantly, the surgical scar resulting from abdominoplasty is discreetly concealed beneath underwear, ensuring no visible marks from the outside. To enhance the outcome, concurrent liposuction from the abdomen and waist region is recommended, providing a flat and sculpted appearance for a more comprehensive and satisfying result. TrustMed Clinic's expertise in Mummy Makeovers underscores its commitment to delivering comprehensive and transformative solutions.

Breast Aesthetics at TrustMed Clinic

Breast Augmentation: Addressing the lack of volume in breast shape, whether stemming from congenital reasons or later developments, TrustMed Clinic specializes in breast augmentation. This procedure aims to enhance and restore the natural contours of the breasts, providing a personalized solution for individuals seeking voluminous and shapely results.

Breast Reduction: For those seeking a reduction in breast size and a reshaped appearance, TrustMed Clinic offers breast reduction surgery. This procedure involves the removal of excess skin and breast tissue, ensuring a harmonious and proportionate breast contour.

Breast Lift: Over time, factors such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, and gravity can impact the shape of breast tissue. TrustMed Clinic addresses these concerns through breast lift procedures, aiming to restore a more youthful and uplifted appearance.

Breast Fat Injection: TrustMed Clinic introduces a natural alternative for breast augmentation through fat transfer. This innovative procedure involves the transfer of a patient's own fat into the breast, offering a tailored and minimally invasive approach to achieve the desired breast shape and volume.

Body Aesthetics 

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty): Fulfill the dream of a flat tummy with TrustMed Clinic's abdominoplasty. This procedure, often complemented by liposuction, unveils a revitalized body contour, providing a transformative experience.

Liposuction: TrustMed Clinic offers 360 body liposuction to sculpt flawless body contours, achieving a fitter and more refined appearance. This procedure targets stubborn fat deposits, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the body.

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL): Realize your desired look with TrustMed Clinic's Brazilian Butt Lift. By utilizing harvested fat from the waist and injecting it into the buttocks, this procedure offers a natural and effective way to enhance your curves and achieve the silhouette you envision.

Arm Lift: Recognizing the natural changes that occur in various areas of the body over time, TrustMed Clinic provides arm lift procedures to address deterioration, offering tailored solutions for a rejuvenated and harmonious appearance.

Male Aesthetics 

Gynecomastia (Male breast reduction): Gynecomastia is a condition characterized by male breast enlargement. In TrustMed male breast reduction procedures provide effective solutions, restoring a more masculine chest contour.

Liposuction for Men: Tailored for male physique, TrustMed Clinic offers liposuction to eliminate excess fat cells from targeted areas, enhancing overall body aesthetics and promoting a sculpted appearance.

Six Pack (Hi-def): TrustMed Clinic specializes in hi-def fat removal, a technique akin to classic liposuction, aimed at accentuating muscle definition. The objective is to achieve a well-defined and sculpted six-pack, emphasizing the natural contours of the muscles.

Tummy Tuck for Men: Recognizing the distinct ratio of muscle and fat in men to women, TrustMed Clinic provides tummy tuck procedures tailored for male anatomy. Addressing variations in fatness, these procedures aim to enhance the abdominal region for a more proportionate and sculpted physique.


Skin Treatments at TrustMed Clinic

Rosacea Treatment: TrustMed Clinic offers specialized treatments for rosacea, addressing its various forms such as papulopustular and phymatous. Experienced dermatologists tailor solutions to alleviate symptoms and promote healthy skin.

Acne Treatment: Administered by expert dermatologists, acne treatments at TrustMed Clinic consider diverse factors, including the individual's psychological state. The clinic’s specialized approach aims to effectively manage and alleviate acne-related concerns.

Acne Scar Treatment: TrustMed Clinic employs varied methods for acne scar treatment, adapting the approach based on individual skin types and the specific condition of the acne scars. Professional dermatologists work to minimize scarring and enhance skin texture.

Enlarged Pore Treatment: TrustMed Clinic's dermatology services include personalized treatments for enlarged pores, addressing underlying issues affecting skin health. Following thorough cleansing, the treatment involves the application of pore-tightening creams to promote skin vitality.

Medical Aesthetics 

Thread Lifting: TrustMed Clinic offers the thread lift procedure, an efficient aesthetic solution lasting 30-45 minutes on average. With local anesthesia applied to the treatment area, this minimally invasive procedure is designed to lift and tighten the skin.

Dermapen Treatment: In the realm of medical aesthetics, TrustMed Clinic provides Dermapen treatments tailored to individual needs. Whether opting for hyaluronic acid-based serums for moisturizing or vitamin C-based serums, experienced specialists ensure a personalized approach to enhance skin health.

Dermal Fillers: Experience the artistry of TrustMed Clinic's dermal filler procedures, where lip filling takes approximately 10 minutes, while the nose, jawline, and chin fillers require 15-20 minutes. The quick and precise administration ensures optimal results, enhancing facial contours with natural-looking volume.

Botox Applications: The right usage of the botox can help you to have tighter skin. Results of a Professional application create impressive results in a short while. 

Ultherapy: Fractional laser treatment is a non-surgical treatment administered with a laser device to deliver a laser beam divided into thousands of microscopic areas targeting a portion of the skin at a time. It is a skin rejuvenating treatment used to treat your aging or sun-damaged skin.

Spider Web Treatment: In this process, wrinkles are tightened with threads produced for aesthetic purposes. Thus, a tighter and younger appearance is achieved.

Golden Needle: Golden needle is a treatment method also known as needle fractional radiofrequency. It is a form of treatment that has a cap made of small golden needles at its tip and a radiofrequency system to which this cap is connected.

Device Treatments 

Fractional Laser Treatment: TrustMed Clinic introduces non-surgical skin rejuvenation. This innovative procedure utilizes a laser device to deliver beams divided into thousands of microscopic areas, targeting specific skin portions. Particularly effective for aging or sun-damaged skin, this treatment promotes the restoration of skin radiance and a more youthful appearance.

Other Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeries performed by TrustMed Clinic

A high number of plastic surgeries are performed by Dr. Burak Pasinlioğlu. You can get more information and request a free consultation just by filling out the form below the page. 

  • Ear Correction
  • Fronthead Reduction
  • BBL (Brasilian Buttock Lifting)
  • Arm lifting
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Gynecomastia
  • Eyelid Correction (Blepharoplasty)

Frequently Asked Question

What services does Trust Med Clinic offer?
Trust Med Clinic offers a range of services, including Mummy Makeovers, Breast Aesthetics, Body Aesthetics, Male Aesthetics, Dermatology, and Medical Aesthetics.
Are the doctors at Trust Med Clinic highly qualified?
Yes, the clinic collaborates with highly qualified and renowned doctors, specializing in various fields such as plastic surgery, dermatology, and more.
What languages are spoken at TrustMed Clinic?
Trust Med Clinic provides services in both English and Russion to accommodate international patients.
Is there accommodation available near Trust Med Clinic?
Yes, the clinic has partnerships with contracted five-star hotels to provide comfortable accommodation during recovery periods.
How can I schedule a consultation at TrustMed Clinic?
To schedule a consultation, simply fill out the form on this page and you will be contacted by the clinic.
Is Trust Med Clinic affordable?
Trust Med Clinic emphasizes transparency and offers affordable services with no hidden costs. ensures you will get the best treatments with the best deals.
Are there travel services available for international patients?
Yes, TrustMed Clinic provides comprehensive travel services, including assistance with flight tickets, hotel arrangements, and VIP transfers for international patients.