Why Should You Choose Orthopedic Care in Istanbul?

Istanbul is among Turkey's most developed areas, with a sophisticated healthcare system specializing in orthopedics. Every year, a large number of patients from the United States, the Middle East, and Europe travel to Istanbul for orthopedic procedures.

The high-tech infrastructures at Istanbul's orthopedic hospitals or clinics, renowned orthopedic specialists, competitive treatment costs, and warm hospitality have all contributed to the city's fame in the field of orthopedics. Patients can be confident that they will receive high-quality orthopedic services and superior patient care.

In addition to world-class orthopedic services, Istanbul offers a wide range of housing options, from budget-friendly guest houses to fancy hotels. Many orthopedic tourists combine their orthopedic care in Turkey with a vacation and local sightseeing.

Turkey is a lovely country with a rich heritage and culture. Around Istanbul, there are numerous tourist destinations, both cultural and natural, making it an attractive choice for orthopedic patients seeking top-notch care and memorable experiences.

What kinds of treatment options and medical services do Istanbul hospitals provide?

The best hospitals in Istanbul provide a comprehensive range of health services to patients throughout all major specialties, from simple non-invasive processes to surgical interventions.

The integrated system in clinics allows for holistic patient care with the greatest medication regimen possible. A multidisciplinary group of specialists is involved in the healthcare condition's diagnosis and management.

Medical tourists prefer to visit Istanbul for surgical treatments such as:

  • Cosmetic and aesthetic surgery includes facial surgery, breast enhancement, liposuction, breast lift, facelift, and other procedures.
  • IVF treatment and gynecology
  • TOF, PDA, and other technologies
  • Laser eye surgery
  • Cochlear implantation
  • Transplantation of bone marrow
  • Orthopedic procedures and surgeries
  • Cancer treatment includes surgical, healthcare, and radiological cancer therapy.

Are Istanbul's Best Hospitals Suitable For Foreign Patients?

The best hospitals in Istanbul are domestic and international accredited facilities with a high standard of care. These hospitals are outfitted with cutting-edge new tech and devices to improve overall success rates and post-operative experiences.

They have a devoted international patient support center to ensure effective care and comfort of patients moving from other countries.

The hospitals provide a variety of services, including:

  • Expert consultation via teleconference
  • The estimated cost of airport up and dropping off
  • Translators of languages
  • Various payment options
  • Assist with visa processing
  • After-arrival individualized assistance
  • Arrangements for lodging
  • Sightseeing in the neighborhood

Frequently Asked Question

Why should you visit Istanbul hospitals?
Istanbul is one of Turkey's most developed cities, with an advanced healthcare system. Each year, a lot of patients travel to Istanbul for surgical treatments from the United States, the Middle East, and Europe.
What exactly is an orthopedic doctor?
An orthopedic doctor is a medical or osteopathy physician who specializes in the skeletal system.
Are the best hospitals in Istanbul appropriate for foreign patients?
The best doctors in Istanbul are both domestic & global accredited facilities that provide excellent care. These hospitals have cutting-edge new technology and equipment to improve overall rates of success and post-operative experiences.