First and foremost, congratulations on your childbirth! As a proud mommy now you can take care of your body, here is the name for it: Mommy Makeover. A mommy makeover is a cosmetic surgery or a combination of procedures designed to help women address the physical changes that often occur as a result of childbirth, and breastfeeding. It is a personalized approach to rejuvenating a woman's body and helping her regain her pre-pregnancy appearance. 

The mommy makeover surgery itself typically involves a combination of procedures, which may include breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, liposuction, and more. The length of the surgery can vary based on the complexity of the chosen procedures but generally ranges from 3 to 6 hours.

The initial recovery period after a mommy makeover typically lasts around 2 to 4 weeks. During this time, you will need to take it easy, avoid strenuous activities, and follow your surgeon's post-operative instructions closely. For an operation this important you need to trust your surgeon and the clinic completely. That's why we have gathered the best surgeons and clinics for you in Istanbul. Just fill out the form on this page and get a FREE consultation

Why Do People Have a Mommy Makeover Surgery?

The physical changes that occur after pregnancy and breastfeeding can be challenging to address through diet and exercise alone. A mommy makeover offers a comprehensive solution by combining multiple procedures to target specific areas of concern, such as the breasts and abdomen.

Some women may struggle with stubborn pockets of fat or loose skin that do not respond well to traditional weight loss methods. Liposuction and tummy tucks (abdominoplasty) are commonly included in mommy makeovers to improve body contour and create a more sculpted appearance.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can lead to changes in breast size, shape, and position. Breast augmentation, breast lift, or a combination of both procedures can help restore a youthful and appealing breast appearance.

Combining multiple procedures into a single mommy makeover surgery can be more time-efficient and cost-effective than undergoing individual surgeries at separate times. It reduces the overall recovery time and anesthesia costs associated with multiple surgeries.

Istanbul's Appeal for Mommy Makeovers

Istanbul stands out as a prime destination for mommy makeovers due to its exceptional healthcare infrastructure and a pool of highly skilled cosmetic surgeons who specialize in these transformative procedures. Many of these medical professionals are renowned for their expertise and utilize the latest cutting-edge technologies, ensuring top-notch care and results. Moreover, Istanbul offers a significant cost advantage compared to Western countries, making it an appealing choice for those seeking cost-effective mommy makeover solutions without compromising on the quality of care they receive.

An Enriching Experience Beyond Surgery

Beyond its medical excellence, Istanbul offers a unique and enriching experience for patients. This vibrant and culturally rich city provides a captivating blend of history, culinary delights, and diverse cultural experiences. Patients can seamlessly combine their medical journey with a memorable vacation, exploring historical sites, savoring delicious cuisine, and immersing themselves in Istanbul's rich heritage. Additionally, the city's accessibility, comprehensive care packages, and strong emphasis on patient privacy and discretion further enhance the overall appeal of Istanbul as a top destination for mommy makeovers. Get a FREE consultation in this dreamy city, just fill out the form below!

How Much Does a Mommy Makeover Cost in Turkey?

Keep in mind that a mommy makeover should be planned based on individual needs. Procedures commonly included in a mommy makeover, such as breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, liposuction, and others, each come with their own price tags. The more procedures included, the higher the cost is likely to be. Most of the clinics in Turkey provide patients with basic or premium options for mommy makeovers.

While basic options might include only one or two areas of the body, premium options promise to more areas of the body. Therefore prices change from 2500 euros to 10000 euros. The price of a mommy makeover comes with a discount from the total prices of each operation's separate prices. Istanbul is one of the best destinations for having a mommy makeover because prices are less than half of the prices of European countries while offering the same or even better healthcare infrastructure. The accessible location of Istanbul and the cultural activities that Istanbul offers are also added benefits of having a mommy makeover surgery in this city. 

Please bear in mind that these cost estimates are general figures and may differ based on several factors. It is advisable to reach out to the clinics directly for precise pricing tailored to your individual requirements and the qualifications of your selected surgeon. 

To obtain a 10% discount and receive precise cost details for your unique needs, kindly complete the form provided on this page

Tips for Those Considering a Mommy Makeover in Istanbul

Research and Choose a Reputable Clinic: Begin by researching clinics and surgeons in Istanbul. Look for well-established clinics with experienced plastic surgeons who specialize in Mommy Makeovers. Read reviews, check credentials, and ensure the clinic meets international healthcare standards. If you want help in searching for the best surgeons and clinics, just fill out the form below on this page and you will be contacted by professionals. 

Consultation is Key: Schedule consultations with multiple surgeons to discuss your goals and expectations. A thorough consultation will help you understand the procedures involved and what to expect during and after surgery. It's also an opportunity to evaluate the surgeon's expertise and communication style. Claim your FREE consultation now by filling out the form on this page. 

Consider Your Recovery: Plan your trip and recovery period wisely. Mommy Makeover procedures may require several weeks of downtime, so factor this into your travel schedule. Make arrangements for post-operative care and support during your recovery.

Understand the Costs: While Istanbul offers cost-effective Mommy Makeovers, it's essential to understand the full cost, including surgeon's fees, clinic charges, anesthesia, and any post-operative care. Request detailed pricing and inquire about financing options if needed, you can easily just fill out the form on this page. 

Travel Logistics: Ensure you have a valid passport and any necessary travel documents. Book accommodation close to the clinic for convenience during your recovery. Familiarize yourself with local transportation options and consider arranging airport transfers. is here for you every step of the way, check out the attractions and services you can easily purchase and plan your trip. 

Follow Pre-Op and Post-Op Instructions: Adhere to your surgeon's pre-operative and post-operative instructions diligently. This includes lifestyle changes, medications, and follow-up appointments. Compliance is crucial for a successful outcome.

Manage Expectations: Have realistic expectations about the results and the recovery process. Understand that full results may take some time to become apparent, and there may be some discomfort during the initial recovery period.

Stay Safe and Healthy: Prioritize your safety and health throughout the process. Inform your surgeon of any medical conditions or medications you are taking. Stay well-hydrated, eat a balanced diet, and avoid smoking and alcohol as your surgeon advises.

Language and Communication: While many medical professionals in Istanbul speak English, it's helpful to have a basic understanding of common medical terms or consider hiring a translator if needed to ensure clear communication.

Enjoy Your Time in Istanbul: Istanbul is a vibrant city with a rich cultural heritage. Make the most of your trip by exploring its attractions, savoring its cuisine, and immersing yourself in its unique experiences. Combine your makeover journey with a memorable vacation. Check here for the best experiences in Istanbul

Remember that each individual's situation is unique, so consult with your surgeon and clinic for personalized guidance and recommendations based on your specific needs and circumstances. To avail of a FREE consultation, a 10% discount, and receive precise cost details for your individualized Mommy Makeover in Istanbul, Just fill out the form below to initiate the process and discuss your specific needs. Best clinics will guide you through the necessary steps and provide you with accurate pricing information.

This article is not authored by a medical professional; however, it provides a concise overview of various medical procedures sourced from academic papers within the field of medicine. While it does not substitute for expert medical advice, it offers a valuable summary of the information found in scholarly literature, making it a useful resource for those seeking a general understanding of these medical procedures. It is essential to consult with qualified healthcare professionals for in-depth and personalized medical guidance.

Frequently Asked Question

How Much Does a Mommy Makeover Cost in Turkey?
The cost of a mummy makeover is not fixed, as it depends on a patient's specific desires and requirements, incorporating a range of surgical procedures. Therefore prices can change from 2500 euros to 10000 euros.
What's Included in a Mommy Makeover Turkey?
A mommy makeover offers a customizable combination of procedures that may include options such as a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, breast lift, liposuction, and vaginal rejuvenation surgery.
Is it Safe to Get a Mommy Makeover in Turkey?
Turkey is home to a diverse array of contemporary clinics and hospitals that meet global standards, guaranteeing a secure and pleasant setting for medical procedures.
Is it Worth Going to Turkey for Plastic Surgery?
The Turkish government actively promotes and supports health tourism, a primary reason behind the country's affordability of surgical treatments. Furthermore, when compared to numerous other nations, medical procedure costs in Turkey are notably more economical.
Can You Fly After Mommy Makeover?
Most of the doctors recommend refraining from air travel for at least four weeks following surgery, provided that your surgical procedure was successful with no complications, and your healing progress aligns with the assessments made during your postoperative follow-up appointments.