This type of surgery is one of the best uses of radiation as the surgery is created directly for the treatment of tumors that can occur in the head. Despite the fact that this surgery uses radiation, studies have shown that the amount of radiation used in this surgery is far below the radiation numbers that can cause problems. There are many hospitals in Turkey that offer gamma knife surgeries for patients. These operations are conducted by doctors that specialised in these fields, and the hospitals provide the patient with intensive care. Usually, the time the patient is to spend in the hospital does not go beyond one day, and the patients are expected to continue their daily lives in a short amount of time. As it does with any other medical assistance, Turkey offers reasonable prices in this type of medical assistance as well. The prices for a gamma knife radiosurgery range between 5000 dollars and 12000 dollars according to the hospital the patient attends and the personal condition of the patient.


·       A treatment for brain tumours that can be deadly.

·       A radiosurgery treatment for tumours that do not follow traditional surgery methods.

·       A surgery that uses radiation specifically developed for the use of tumours in the head.

·       Quick operations that enable the patients to return to their daily lives quickly.

·       Reasonable prices for gamma knife operations with intensive care.

The hospitals in Turkey have a solution for tumours too!

The fact that tumours are deadly has become easier to cope with thanks to technology and how it affects medical fields. Gamma knife radiosurgery is a miracle of modern medicine that was developed specifically for the treatment of head tumours. The operation does not include a knife as it is done through the use of gamma rays that are directed into a certain area of the head. Even though radiosurgery is conducted through radiation, it is known that the amount of radiation that is used in the operation is not near dangerous levels of radiation. On the contrary, the operation doesn’t even require the use of anesthetics and patients can leave the hospital on the same day of the operation. These operations are conducted through doctors that excel in their fields but continue to offer reasonable prices. A patient with a tumor can receive the best treatment in a European sense below 12000 dollars in Turkey without any pain. The qualified hospitals in Turkey are waiting for you to pay them a visit for the better of your own health in terms of adversity like a tumour

Frequently Asked Question

Does gamma knife surgery include knives?
The name of this radiosurgery is misleading as the operation is conducted through gamma beams, not physical knives.
Do gamma knife surgeries take a long time to perform?
The operations take a little time from the patient, and they are able to leave the hospital on the same day of the surgery in most of the times.
Are gamma knife surgeries in Turkey expensive?
The prices for gamma knife surgeries in Turkey are quite reasonable, ranging between 5000 dollars to 12000 dollars.