The eye doctors in Turkey are among the best in the world as they have many visitors from all over the globe annually. Some doctors become so popular that they open their own clinics with the latest technology in eye surgeries. While doctors can treat problems with the eyes like ophthalmia or prescribe glasses for people with bad eyesight, they also perform surgeries to save the patients from such problems. There are many doctors in Turkey that perform LASIK, which is laser eye surgery for people who want to get rid of their cataracts or glasses entirely. Both eye and ENT fields have spectacular doctors for treatments with reasonable prices, and these doctors help thousands of patients regardless of whether they are citizens or medical tourists every year.


·       Doctors that specialize in ENT (ear, nose, and throat) treatments.

·       Doctors that specialize in eyes and eye treatments.

·       Doctors that can perform LASIK eye surgery.

·       Many hospitals and private clinics offer quality treatments.

·       Reasonable prices for patients of health tourism.

You can see and hear better thanks to the specialized doctors in Turkey!

Turkey is a great destination for health tourism. The country exports many doctors to the world every year, and the ones that stay in the country are just as good as the ones that go. There are many hospitals in Turkey as well as different types of health centres like private clinics, and most of these hospitals offer help to patients that suffer from their eyes, ears, noses and throats. Treated under different policlinics that is separated as Eye and ENT (ear, nose, throat), there are many doctors in Turkey that specialise in the treatment of these fragile parts of the body. These doctors can prescribe the patient with medication to help their little problems like sinusitis, infection or ophthalmia, but they can also take part in complex surgeries like rhinoplasty or LASIK eye surgery. Despite their complex treatments, all of these doctors offer qualified medical assistance for reasonable prices, making the country a good place for treatment

Frequently Asked Question

What is Eye & ENT?
ENT is an abbreviation for the ears, nose, and throat in the medical field as these organs are in close relations with one another. Turkey has many doctors that specialise in ENT for the best treatments they can offer.
How qualified are the eye doctors in Turkey?
The eye doctors in Turkey can prescribe medication for the malfunction in the eyes, offer glasses for people with bad eyesight, and perform complex eye surgeries like LASIK eye surgery.
Are the treatments for eye expensive in Turkey?
Turkey offers a variety of hospitals to choose for treatment, and all of these hospitals offer medical assistance for reasonable prices.
Is Istanbul a good option for having laser eye surgery?
With a long history of ophthalmology competence, Istanbul features laser eye surgery facilities and physicians who are well qualified. The benefits of selecting Turkey for laser eye surgery include having access to cutting-edge tools and technology, qualified medical professionals, and a relatively reduced price compared to other nations. Turkish hospitals also provide individualized and excellent patient care, making it a favorite location for laser eye surgery among medical tourists. Istanbul is renowned for its state-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified medical staff. This location is a great choice for medical tourism because it has cutting-edge facilities and qualified surgeons.
How Long Does LASIK Last?
Although LASIK surgery provides permanent vision correction, its long-term benefits may diminish for some individuals. In the majority of cases, the results are expected to be lifelong. However, approximately 10-12% of patients may require enhancement surgery due to natural anatomical changes in the eyes over time.
Does LASIK Go Bad in Ten Years?
Most individuals who undergo LASIK surgery continue to enjoy satisfactory vision even a decade later.
Can I Have a LASIK Again in 20 Years?
Having LASIK surgery a second time is indeed possible, typically occurring 5 to 10 years after the initial procedure. It's important to note that LASIK typically provides long-lasting vision correction, and only a small percentage of individuals may need a follow-up treatment.
Why is my vision blurry after LASIK 5 years ago?
Blurry vision following LASIK surgery may sometimes result from alterations in the eye's refractive error. This can be attributed to a rare complication known as regression, wherein the cornea gradually reverts to its original shape post-surgery.
What Age Should I Get LASIK?
In general, the consensus among LASIK eye surgeons is that the ideal age range for LASIK eye surgery candidacy falls between 25 and 40 years old. There are several reasons for this recommendation. By the age of 25, it's usually expected that prescriptions for eyeglasses and contact lenses have stabilized. A stable prescription is considered a key factor in determining whether someone is a suitable candidate for LASIK.
Is SMILE Laser Better Than LASIK?
SMILE and LASIK are not directly comparable in terms of being better or worse; rather, they are distinct procedures designed to suit different types of patients. The choice between these procedures is typically based on the specific recommendation of your doctor, taking into account your individual needs and circumstances.
How Long Does a SMILE Laser Surgery Last?
In most cases, the vision correction achieved through SMILE is expected to be permanent. Many people who undergo SMILE surgery enjoy improved vision for many years, and for some, it can last a lifetime. However, as with any surgical procedure, individual factors and age-related changes can affect vision over time.
How Risky is SMILE Surgery?
SMILE stands out as an advanced laser vision correction method prioritizing patient safety. While there is an inherent level of risk in any medical procedure, the occurrence of complications with SMILE is notably minimal.
Is LASIK in Turkey Good?
In Turkey, LASIK surgery is a precise and delicate procedure designed to enhance vision and rectify vision problems for a significant number of patients, eliminating the necessity for glasses or contact lenses.
Is Turkey Safe for Laser Eye Surgery?
Turkey has achieved impressive outcomes in laser eye surgeries, with numerous healthcare facilities in the country providing successful solutions to thousands of patients who overcome their vision issues each year.