The state hospitals have their doctors appointed from the universities when the students finish their internship programs and graduate. The university hospitals are these state hospitals, and the best thing a university hospital can offer is that the patients may be treated by professors who taught famous expert doctors all over the world. While state hospitals have new doctors after their 6 years of education, private hospitals generally have older doctors who have proved their excellence.

 It is known that private hospitals continuously offer doctors high salaries so that they come and work for the hospital, showing that the quality of the treatment that is offered in private hospitals is mainly splendid. Lastly, the doctors may decide to open their own clinics to be free from the bounds of a boss. There are also family practitioners who work in community health care centers that are affiliated with the state. These doctors treat patients with rather small needs and they are able to prescribe the patients with low dose medication or direct the patients to better care in hospitals.


·       Expert doctors that are invited by hospitals all over the world.

·       State hospitals with doctors that range from new graduates to experienced doctors.

·       University hospitals that have professors who have taught many expert doctors.

·       Private hospitals that make a name with doctors who have excelled in their fields.

·       Family practitioners who can prescribe low-dose medications.

These doctors with their education in Turkey are among the best!

Turkey is a country that puts great importance on its medical wealth. That is why faculties of medicine in universities are favored all around the country because it is known that these students have the best education that can be offered in medical areas. With their excellent education, these doctors are distributed all around the world as the education they received makes them qualified for many hospitals.

 Those who choose to stay in Turkey are immediately appointed to state hospitals to give treatments. A doctor may choose to stay in state hospitals as a doctor, can take the necessary examination for higher education and eventually become a professor, can be hired by private hospitals, or choose to work on their own. The experience and the success rate of the doctors prove not only their worth but also the good name of their hospitals or clinics. Private hospitals thus go after doctors who have excelled in their fields. Other doctors may establish their own clinics to offer treatments with better technology and ways than those that are offered in hospitals.

 Lastly, family practitioners who work in community health care centers can treat patients with small problems easily without even putting the patient to the work of leaving their neighborhoods as these doctors can also prescribe medicines. All these show that the doctors in Turkey are capable of treating you quite easily and successfully

Frequently Asked Question

Do the doctors in Turkey receive a quality education?
Yes, the quality of education in Turkey makes the Turkish doctors wanted by hospitals all around the world.
Is the treatment of private hospitals better than state hospitals?
Private hospitals almost hunt good doctors to work for them. You can be sure that the doctors in private hospitals must have proved their excellence in their fields, but you shouldn’t forget that these doctors’ teachers are generally working in state hospitals.
Do I have to go to a hospital for renewing my prescription?
If your medication is not a high-dosed medication, family practitioners who work in community health care centers can renew your medications.