Through the help of radiation or sound waves, this technology helps doctors determine what is happening inside a person’s body. Doctors all over the world benefit from this technological scanning, and the doctors in Turkey are no exception. Just like its reasonable prices in other branches of the health sector, Turkey offers cheap or reasonable prices for diagnostic imaging as well. There are many private clinics or offices that offer diagnostic imaging services through x-ray scans all over the country as well as modern hospitals that have this technology within premises. Diagnostic imaging can take place through radiation, which uses invisible rays to determine the conditions of bones, hearts, and lungs. However, it should be noted that pregnant people are not recommended scans through radiation and X-rays. On the contrary, the other type of diagnostic imaging associated with pregnant people is ultrasound. It uses sound waves to determine the condition of babies as well as determining the health of sportspeople. There are many centers in Turkey that offer medical assistance through diagnostic imaging with various types of methods like the ones above or MRIs, and these centers offer reasonable prices that vary between 100 dollars and 1500 dollars.


  • Technological advancements enable seeing the inside of bodies.
  • Diagnostic imaging through radiology uses invisible rays for medical scanning.
  • Diagnostic imaging through sound waves helps doctors see the development of babies.
  • Diagnostic imaging centers that offer reasonable prices in Turkey.
  • Harmless options for pregnant people that do not expose them to radiation.

You can know what is going on inside you for a reasonable price in Turkey.

You can have a bad ache inside your body or you can have a broken bone. How would these malfunctions of the human body be determined and treated without the miracle scanning of diagnostic imaging of medical technology? Doctors generally ask patients to run a diagnostic imaging scanning so as to determine what is happening under the skin of the patient. There are many types of diagnostic imaging techniques, and the most popular ones are performed through radiology and sound waves. One of the most popular diagnostic imaging techniques is the use of X-rays which use invisible rays to see the root of problems in bones, hearts, and lungs. Although this kind of scanning is relatively safe and prescribed by doctors, they also advise pregnant people not to take part in it. Rather than X-rays, pregnant patients are known for their use of ultrasound which use soundwaves for a look inside their bodies or babies, just like sportspeople. All kinds of diagnostic imaging are done in hospitals or private clinics with a written demand from the doctor at reasonable prices. We hope you will not need such assistance, but know that you are in good hands in case of such a need in Turkey

Frequently Asked Question

What is diagnostic imaging?
It is a branch of medical technology that enables doctors to see the insides of the patient.
Are diagnostic imaging scans expensive in Turkey?
The price of the diagnostic imaging changes according to the technique that is used or the place it is undergone. The prices change between 100 dollars and 1500 dollars.
How are diagnostic imaging scans possible?
These procedures are possible generally through the use of radiation and soundwaves.