The country not only offers dentists that have been excelling in their fields through a qualified education but also treatments or operations for reasonable and mostly cheap prices. There are three types of dental health centers in Turkey; state hospitals, private hospitals, and private clinics. While the first two are more interested in rather serious cases like toothache, pulling teeth, or problems with gums, private clinics can offer additional treatments and operations for a healthier smile. Turkey offers operations like teeth whitening or dental implants at such reasonable prices that a visitor can have a new set of teeth for a price that is almost 70% cheaper than an operation in the USA or Europe. In addition to aesthetic operations like teeth whitening, the dental centers in Turkey offer qualified treatments for conditions like root canals, fillings, crowns, and such. Visiting a dentist in a private health center like a clinic or a private hospital can cost at least 200 dollars, but most of the treatments in state hospitals are covered by insurance.


·       Turkey is a popular tourist destination for dental health.

·       Private and state hospitals that offer dental treatments for patients.

·       Private clinics that offer aesthetic modifications in a person’s mouth.

·       Reasonable prices that can help the patients save 70% of their money.

·       State hospitals that offer dental treatments under the coverage of health insurance.

You will be smiling better when you are leaving Turkey!

The Republic of Turkey is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and this title is not lost when it comes to health tourism. Just like its doctors in other fields, Turkey has excellent dentists that offer medical assistance to a patient that suffers from dental problems. The country offers dental treatments for patients in mainly three health centers; state and private hospitals for serious problems, and private clinics that offer aesthetical operations for the patient’s teeth in addition to other serious problems. In these health centers, a patient can find help for their dental health that may vary from toothache to root canals or fillings to teeth whitening. All of these procedures are done in prices that are much cheaper than those in other western countries, making Turkey a number one tourist destination. If you choose to have your treatment in a state hospital with insurance, your treatment may become even cheaper than its price in a private clinic. Thousands of tourists come to Turkey every year to have their dental treatments, leaving the country with better smiles

Frequently Asked Question

Are dental treatments in Turkey in the same level as western quality?
Turkey raises many dentists and exports them to other countries just like it does with its doctors in other fields thanks to its qualified education systems. These doctors treat hundreds of thousands of foreign patients every year because of their excellence and their reasonable prices.
Is Istanbul a good place to have a dental treatment?
Some of the top dental clinics in the world are located in Istanbul, and they provide a wide range of dental services and treatments to fulfill all of your dental needs. Particularly when it comes to dental care services, Turkey is thought to have highly qualified facilities and dentists. High-quality equipment and facilities, skilled dentists and experts, lower costs compared to other nations, and a variety of treatments offered, such as cosmetic dentistry, implantology, orthodontics, and more, are some benefits of choosing Turkey for dental care. Patients are likely to have a great experience because Turkey is famed for its hospitality.
Are dental treatments in Turkey expensive?
The prices the dental heath centres offer change based on the treatment the patient needs, but it is generally below 3000 dollars even in complex operations.
What makes the private dental clinics special in Turkey?
In addition to treating serious cases, private clinics can offer aesthetic operations for teeth like teeth whitening.