Best Hospitals In Istanbul


Istanbul is on the list of the best cities in the world in terms of healthcare quality because of the availability of many motivating advantages, such as having a developed health care system, the presence of the best doctors and specialists, being an important tourist attraction city on a global scale, and having the most important tourist attractions, archaeological sites, and museums, Istanbul is also great for health tourism.

If you are visiting Istanbul or already reside there and need medical advice from one of its private hospitals, we have compiled a list of the finest private hospitals in Istanbul for you. Several factors were considered while developing our ranking, including the number of branches and departments in hospitals, health services, treatments, room comfort, and medical equipment. If you’re ready, check out our list of the top 10 private hospitals in Istanbul, where you’ll discover answers to your questions about the finest private hospital in Istanbul for you. 

Avicenna Medical Center 

Avicenna Private Hospital, which was founded in Esenler, Istanbul, in 2006, started functioning in the health sector in several areas of the city. This facility offers medical services on both the European and Anatolian sides of the border. This hospital has branches in Kartal, Atasahir, and Kagthana (Gultepe). Avicenna Private Hospital, which strives for medical excellence at all times, is one of the hospitals that has been able to offer medical services that have pleased many patients all over the globe. 

Acibadem Hospital

Acibadem Healthcare Group was founded and entered the area of health for the first time in Istanbul in 1991, and has since made a reputation for itself for the high quality of service it has provided for many years. 

Acibadem Healthcare Group offers its services not only in Istanbul, but also in other regions of Turkey and internationally. Acibadem Hospital has several branches in Istanbul and serves patients from 18 nations.

Acibadem is central, close to Taksim, an that’s another reason why many people choose this private hospital in Istanbul. It offers great health tourism in Turkey, and many operations can be conducted by their professional doctors. 

Ethica İncirli Hospital

Ethica Incirli Hospital is one of the finest private hospitals on Istanbul’s European side. The Bakirkoy area is home to this integrated hospital. Ethica Incirli Hospital includes a number of medical departments as well as an emergency room. If you are searching for private hospitals in Istanbul that provide emergency services, Ethica Incirli Hospital is at the top of the list. 

Avrasya Hospital

Avrasya Hospital is one of Istanbul’s well-known private hospitals, with locations in Zeytinburnu and Gaziosmanpaşa. Avrasya Hospital, which has been admitting patients in the health sector since 1999, distinguishes itself via its high-tech equipped operating rooms and skilled specialist physicians. One of the most significant benefits of Avrasya Hospital is that it has physicians from the major branches available at night.