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Frequently Asked Questions

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First of all, you need to fill the form titled “I want to be a writer” and share it with us. At first, we would like to know what kind of texts you want to write and we would like to get to know you better. If your form and sample texts meet the criteria of after a thorough content evaluation, and if you are found qualified to be among the authors of, our editors will get back to you, and you will be given login details to be able to publish your text immediately and guide travelers through the admin panel we have created for you.

Our admin panel is very user-friendly and does not require any technical knowledge. You can create your texts very easily by using the editor in the panel.
First of all, add the title of your text. Type the title of your text in a clear and descriptive way. Then you can select the photo that you want to use and upload it from your computer and add it to the text.  With the help of the buttons located at the menu, you can create your text in bold, italic, etc. by keeping “Image” text of the panel selected without requiring any Html coding skills.

To be able to publish your text, you should pay attention to create a unique text by featuring your comments, experiences, and impressions. The text should not have the tone of advertising or a press release. You should use fluent language and constantly remember that you are narrating the city to travelers of Istanbul. You should be careful about the grammar and spelling rules in English, avoid using illegal and libelous statements toward people or institutions under no circumstance, and above all pay attention to copyrights.

Adding images to your text makes it more catchy, interesting, and easy to read. You should always choose the most appropriate images for your text. You can choose a suitable image from the photos that you take, your Instagram account, and any other website. It is essential to include images after giving them suitable names. These names should be suitable to the chosen image and different from each other, so instead of giving generic names such as “image,” “visual,” “new image,” and “photo 2”, choose names that are related to the images. It is important to organize “Title” and “Alternative Text” sections of the images you upload in a way to give some information about the image; so that the visual content can be found by search engines. Please pay attention to the following points.
Please don’t use the main title of the text as a photo name.
Avoid repetitions such as “photo title text”, “photo title text 2”, “photo title text 3”.
Please try to write a unique title and an alternative text to each photo.
If you pay attention to the above suggestions, your text will be better structured as a meta content. Also, it will ensure that your text will be reached easily by visitors sourced from search engines.

All texts you submit should belong to you.
However, this does not mean that you cannot make quotations. Make sure that you specify from whom or which website you quote in the masthead part. You can also use the masthead section to give credits to the people who took the photos and videos you use.

When your text is published with the approval of the editors of , an automatic e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you used to create your profile. has the right to publish, change, and continue to publish your text from the moment that it is sent to the editors of to be published. If you would like to discontinue publishing your text for a valid reason (legal obligations, misinforming etc.), you can contact us by filling out the form on our contact link and share your request.

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