Turkey is a country that attracts tourists and foreign citizens from many parts of the world. You should see that Turkey is worth this attention with its clean air, natural beauty, and interesting historical monuments brought by its long history. Thanks to Istanbul.com, you will be able to learn the general information of easy ways to enter Turkey as a tourist with this article while discovering Istanbul at the same time. To study the Turkish Visa Online and E-Visa Turkey options required for entry into Turkey, do not forget to follow the Istanbul.com website.

Turkey is a country that loves to host foreign travelers and tourists and provides convenience. There are major initiatives in our country, such as E-Visa Turkey. If you are one of the hundreds of tourists who want to discover Istanbul and you have questions about visa processing in mind, you should read the rest of our article.

E-Visa Turkey 

Let's review the E-Visa Turkey application together, which will be very useful for tourists and Turkey enthusiasts who want to discover Istanbul. It is of great importance for foreign citizens to study the visa regime before entering Turkey for various purposes. Citizens of eligible countries can easily obtain their E-Visa Turkey by applying online.

Although e-Visa Turkey is an official document, it is a document that you should research before allowing you to enter Turkey. Turkish visa online is a saving option, especially for foreign travelers who do not have time and need to get a visa immediately. To provide you with general information about E-Visa Turkey, you can find important information that we will pass on to you to continue our article.

E-Visa Turkey is a kind of visa that replaces the sticker or stamp-type visa previously applied for and provides convenience at the borders. When you search for a Turkish Visa online on the Internet, you will find many websites for applying. The main thing is to choose reliable ones from these sites and follow the path shown by the Turkish state. After the general information you will get about Turkish visas online, you can start your process by filling out an online application form.

Turkish Visa Online Application

In order to get an E-Visa Turkey, first of all, all you will need is an internet connection. In order to apply for a Turkish Visa Online, the applicant must specify their personal information on the application form. The most important information is the name, place of birth, and date written on the passport and, of course, issuing and expiring dates of the passport.

After applying for an E-Visa Turkey, the only thing you need to do if you are a candidate from an eligible country is to wait. The Turkish Visa Online application process is usually completed after a 24-hour waiting period. Because after your application is approved, your e-Visa Turkey is sent to you by e-mail with general information. It is important that you have an e-mail address that you constantly use in the personal information that you provide during the application. After arriving in Turkey, it may be easier for you to carry a copy of your e-visa with you during passport control.

You Need An E-Visa For Turkey

  • E-Visa Turkey is an initiative that will save you time when you move to other countries, and visit for tourism and business purposes. Do not forget to check whether you are from the appropriate country for applying for a Turkey Visa online on the visa processing website of the state of Turkey.
  • Turkey gives its visitors unforgettable moments with its excellent climate and natural beauties that make it live for four seasons. If you are planning a vacation and want to go abroad, you can easily visit our country using E-Visa Turkey. Many places that are preferred for tourism purposes will provide you with both natural beauty and luxury vacation opportunities. In addition, you can experience unforgettable pleasures by trying traditional Turkish delicacies.
  • To discover Istanbul! Istanbul is one of the most tourist-friendly cities in Turkey and is of great international importance. If Turkey is on your travel route, we can say that Istanbul is one of the first cities you should visit. During your visit, you can get the opportunity to see many famous places such as Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, and Dolmabahce Palace. In addition to being one of the most popular places visited for tourism purposes, Istanbul also contains the touchstones of Turkish culture. 

Frequently Asked Question

Who Needs an E-Visa in Turkey?
Foreign tourists and travelers need a visa or electronic travel authorization to travel to Turkey. In fact, you can apply to the Turkish embassies in your country for visits to Turkey. But thanks to E-Visa Turkey, foreigners who do not have much time, in particular, can easily obtain an entry permit to Turkey. After a few minutes of applying for a Turkish Visa Online, you must wait 24 hours. More than 100 countries' citizens are eligible to apply for an E-Visa Turkey.
How Long is the E-Visa Turkey Valid For?
The online visas you will receive for entering Turkey will be valid for 180 days after reaching the country. Your arrival date specified at the time of application is the date to be considered for the validity of your visa. If you want to come to Turkey and your E-Visa Turkey application has been accepted, you must enter the country within six months. Your visa is issued to allow you to stay for 30, 60, or 90 days specifically for the day of your stay.