The process of organ transplantation is long and hard, but it is done every day through the hands of capable doctors that are abundant in the Republic of Turkey. The country has been partaking in organ transplantation since the ‘70s and it has shown that the experience has bettered the conditions of the doctors. The organs that are generally transplanted include kidneys, livers, corneal transplants, and pancreas. Some hospitals offer successful transplantations that have a success rate of 98% which is a very good rate in a dangerous and vital surgery. The doctors in Turkey accept organs from living relatives up to fourth-degree and deceased people who donated their organs to the hospital. Hospitals are helped by organ transplantation centers and the Turkish Transplant Foundation in addition to the hospital’s own organ transplantation unit. The donors are expected to visit these centers for volunteering as organ donor, upon which their consent is taken in the presence of two witnesses most of the time. After this process, the donors wait for a suitable patient to be a life to them. While the waiting list is long, the number of donors is relatively scarce, but even a single hospital in Turkey was able to transplant almost 8000 organs in 2021, showing that the number of surgeries and organ donors are increasing.


·       Organs that can come from living donors who volunteer for donations.

·       Organs from deceased people whose families can approve of an organ donation, or according to the will of the deceased.

·       Successful hospitals that have experience in organ donation fields since the 1970s.

·       Experienced and successful doctors that enable success rates that can reach 98% in organ transplantation surgeries in hospitals.

·       Increasing numbers of organ donors and donation surgeries.

A new life is possible in Turkey thanks to medical miracles!

Sometimes, the medical conditions of a person may enslave that person to a machine for a living or pose a vital problem for the person’s life. In some of these cases, there is the option of organ transplantation which helps the person to live as a regular person. These surgeries are hard to do operations because of their complexity and the scarcity of the organ donors. However, the Republic of Turkey has shown that the number of doctors who can perform organ transplantation surgeries has been increasing over the years as well as the number of organ donors. Living donors can continue their lives without a serious medical problem, but there is always the possibility of having the organs of a deceased person according to their wills. Organ transplantation surgeries generally take place for the organs like kidneys, livers, corneal transplants, and pancreas. There are organ transplantation centres for volunteering organ donors as well as the organ transplantation units of the hospitals. Turkey has a foundation that oversees and helps during the process of organ transplantation that can offer consultation, name is the Turkish Transplant Foundation. There are many hard-working people that try to offer a new life to patients through organ transplantation which can offer success rates even up to 98% in some hospitals. Although there is a long wait list for organ transplantation patients, there is a good chance for a new life in Turkey for you

Frequently Asked Question

Are doctors in Turkey capable of organ transplantations?
Organ transplantation surgeries have been executed in Turkey since the 1970s, showing that the country has raised quite experienced specialists in such delicate surgeries.
Are organ donation surgeries go successfully in Turkey?
Some hospitals in Turkey can offer success rates that can go as much as 98% in their organ transplantation surgeries.
Which organs can be transplanted in Turkish hospitals?
While there is a variety of organs in transplantation surgeries including hearts, the most common surgeries are the transplantations of kidneys, livers, corneal transplants and pancreases.