There are many hair transplant clinics that operate on their own or under a medical and aesthetic center. With experts that specialize in hair and the treatment of bodily hair, the patients are examined in such centers. They are required to undergo some medical tests so as to determine the possible problems and complications if the operations are agreed upon. When the patient and the medical expert decide on the operation, the process of transplanting begins. Hair and tissue examples are taken from the parts of the body on which hair loss is not generally seen so that the body can generate its own and original hair once again in the area in which the hair loss has taken place. While hair loss can be a genetic condition, this treatment of hair transplantation is also offered to those who lost their hair due to outside factors like fire. 

As regrowing the hair of the patient is a slow process, the patients are required to follow the doctor’s orders throughout the treatment because these orders are given according to the medical results the doctors require. These medical results are also determinants in the final expenses of hair transplantation which range between 900 dollars to 4800 dollars.


·       Breakthrough achievements in Turkey regarding hair transplantation.

·       Experienced doctors that treat many international patients as well as native ones.

·       Hair that is taken from the body for growing new ones on the surface which showed hair loss before.

·       A slow but effective process.

·       Treatment for people that lost their hair because of accidents as well as genetics.

Hair is not everything, but it sure does help!

Hair transplantation has been a choice for many people who lost their hair one way or another. As a direct and quick way of altering appearance, hair loss is also a very traumatic experience. Luckily, expert doctors in Turkey that specialize in hair and skin help people who wish to regrow their hair. These doctors may be operating on their own in private clinics, or they may be a part of a medical and aesthetic center. Hair transplantation is a slow process because the bald area is encouraged to grow hair again through the hair and tissue samples that are taken from hairy areas. 

While this is a slow process, it also needs the medical assistance of doctors who observe the process so that neither the patient nor the hair takes damaged. After medical examinations, tests are required to be undertaken by the patient to show the doctor their skin type. These tests also help the doctor to determine which way to follow for transplantation, as well as determine the overall price of the process. Quality treatment for hair transplantation ranges between 900 to 4800 dollars, showing that you can have your hair back at such reasonable prices

Frequently Asked Question

Is hair transplantation expensive in Turkey?
No, the hair transplantation process changes in expenses in accordance with the patient. Generally, the prices change between 900 dollars to 4800 dollars.
Is Istanbul a good option for having a hair transplant?
Istanbul is a medical tourism hotspot known for its cutting-edge and reasonably-priced hair transplant clinics. You can find all the information you need to have the best hair transplant experience in Istanbul, from cutting-edge methods to top-notch facilities. The following are some benefits of having hair transplantation in Turkey: affordable costs in comparison to other nations; surgeons with expertise and skill; modern methods and technologies; a high rate of success for hair transplantations.
Does hair transplantation give quick results?
No, it is a slow but effective and generally permanent process.
Who can have hair transplantation in Turkey?
People of any gender, people who have lost their hair genetically or because of external factors like accidents can have hair transplantations.