In fact, Istanbul now has more gays facilities than the past time. Bars, Gyms, Spas, Cafes and Restaurants, and beaches are available for gays to use and spend enjoyable times.
Istanbul’s gay night life is more active around midnight. Most of the gay night clubs are not crowded until 12:00 am, but there are a respected number of gay bars and facilities open and come a life before midnight as well.  In Istanbul, gay bars and clubs generally are most crowded on Saturdays nights like everywhere else in Istanbul. Friday nights are also busy enough if not as much. Other days of the week bars become busy i case of a special event or occasion while Monday is not a fun day in IStanbul, everyone is headed to their jobs and tired after a long Sunday night. The gay bars and clubs would also be busier in winter months witness more active nights in gay bars than summer’s, thisi because most of local people travel to their hometowns for spending the summer holidays with families.

There are no dark rooms in most gay bars and clubs and sexual intimacy is not allowed principally, but usually kissing and hugging is well received and allowed.


1- Mor kedi cafe & bar:

 Located in Istiklal Street, comes alive between 20:00 pm and 02:00 am. More Kedi might be the most well-known bar it. It’s the bar that usually gets busy before other gay bars and most of its clients are young but all ages are welcomed.

2- Pinokyo bar:

Also located in Istiklal Street and also comes alive between 20:00 pm and 02:00 am. Pinokyo bar is more like a party place, a late evening bar with live music shows. Saturdays are the most crowded days in Pinokyo bar.

3- Rocinante bar:

Locate in Beyoğlu and comes alive between 21:00 pm and 01:00 am.
It was a place that gathered Turkish lesbians long time ago, but slowly turned into male gay bar. It was closed for about a year and half and reopened by early 2017. They offer live music and shows, more like a party environment.

4- Chianti bar:

Located in Beyoğlu near galatasaray highschool and comes alive after 21:00 pm.
Serve customers at day times as a calm cafe but slowly raise the music volume and becomes a party bar at the evening times around 21:30 pm.

5- Chaplin cafe & bar:

Located in Beyoğlu near Taksim Square.
Chaplin cafe is more quiet cafe that gather younger gays both male and female and offer beverages and snacks with reasonable prices, also more friendly environment and atmosphere where you can sit and have a conversation with your friend, unlike other loud bars.

6- Tekyon club:

Located in Taksim, and becomes busy at night time.
It is probably the most famous club in Istanbul or even Turkey. Its venue is very big and fit for a huge number of people, also has an open back yard which allows smokers to enjoy a drink with a cigarette. During the week-days, Tekyon is not that crowded but it is very very busy and crowded on Fridays and Saturdays. It serves customers with reasonable prices for beverages, the waiters are very friendly and talkie, and the music is always loud because of the ongoing live shows and dancers on the stage.

7- Club cheeky:

Located in Tarlabasi next to Taksim
Club Cheeky is an exceptional kind of a club. It only operates on Fridays and Saturdays after other gay clubs and bars close. It starts getting busy at 02:00 and 03:00 when other gay clubs close cutomers get in Club Cheeky to continue the fun time. You can find a mixture of male gays, female gays, transvestites and bears. The club’s administration is so strict about entry fees which costs about 15 Euros.

More and more gay clubs and cafes are active in Istanbul that you will enjoy your time at.

In general, Istanbul city has all types of facilities for all kinds of people, and this is not strange in a city that attracts tourists from all over the world. All you have to do is book yourself a flight and start an experience that will never be forgettin.