How was istanbul in old times


What is called now as Istanbul city was the main city and capital of three most powerful empires in the world Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, and Otooman Empire. The city actually has been through alot of changes in everything throughout the years. What you see nowadays of technology and modernity did not exist 2000 years ago.



Most probably and as historians say, Istanbul city was inhabited by people early as 3000 BC until the 7th century when a Greek colonist led by the Greek leader Byzas established the famous colony of Byzantium and the city of Istanbul was given the name of Bosphorus. At that time, Byzas worked hard to establish a civilized city where people can happily live and contribute in building a better society, building and infrastructures were built to serve the Greek people and what was called Bosphorus city was one of the world most beautiful cities.



By 100 BC, the Romans took over the city and made it a part of the Roman Empire, and in 306 AD the Roman Emperor the great Justenian made Bosphorus city the main capital of the Roman Empire and changed its name to Constantinople. Justinian the great was literally in love with the city and he believed in its important location in terms of trade or natural resources. Thus, he worked hard to create a virtuous and perfect city for everyone and you can actually tell that when visiting the famous great Hagia Sophia museum. Although it was rebuilt many times but still, the sophisticated architecture of what was once the largest cathedral is absolutely amazing, or the Basilica Cistern that is stands still as a proof of how justinian the great served this city, this cistern was built underground in the heart of the city as the largest and main source of water, it has the ability to hold up to 80 thousands cubic meters of water.


In 1435, and after Constantinople was weakened by continuous attacks the Ottomans who were led by the famous leader Mehmet the Conqueror were able to take over the city and vanished what was known as Roman Empire to Establish the great Ottoman Empire that literally continued for more than 600 years. Constantinople witnessed a lot of improvements during the period of Ottoman empire and more civilized buildings and infrastructure were built in the city. For example, the Blue Mosque and its complicated architecture, the topkapi palace and its complexes that served thousands of people, in addition to the education that witnessed serious upgrades throughout the years.



After the independence war in 1923 the foundation of the Turkish Republic  by the godfather of all Turks leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk happened and Istanbul city went through some changes. In terms of infrastructures, the first metro line in Beyoglu district was opened, and in terms of architecture, modern floor buildings and centers were built to accommodate more residents, while in terms of trade, the city witnessed more centers and markets where traders from all over the world offered their products.

At that time, Istanbul city was not crowded like now. In fact, only 1 million people were living in Istanbul and the Metrobus line did not exist nor the current Tramway lines and the most crowded area was Beyoglu, Beyazit, and Eminonu as they are at the heart of the city.

People used to use boats and pinnaces to cross the Bosphorus to the other side of the city and less tourists were in the city most of them are French and Italians who visited Istanbul for education, research and other purposes.

People were living a happy peaceful life celebrating the foundation of the Turkish republic by working hard and building a better society in all aspects to leave an imprint in the world.


Current Istanbul, is a result of a lot of changes and hard work of many leaders throughout the past 3000 years and all of what you can see nowadays in Istanbul from palaces, museums, monuments, or ancient buildings and centers are proof of what an incredible and important city Istanbul is, no wonder why people from all over the world visit istanbul every year to see and hear the stories of many heroes who were and still, and integral part of Istanbul growth.


There are only few cities in the world that can be compared to Istanbul and what it has been through.

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