Asian side of Istanbul


The Asian side of Istanbul is as beautiful and wonderful as the European side of the city, it has many absolutely amazing things to do, and a big range of activities to catch.



Discover the Beauty of Uskudar and Kadikoy

Both neighborhoods are fascinating and are full of activities, we will start with them since they are really famous, it is a must visit to these wonderful neighborhoods. They are a good way to escape from touristic areas in Istanbul, so if you want to feel like a local, don’t hesitate.

In Uskudar, you will notice a palace on the shore of the Bosphorus, many tourists come to visit Topkapi Palace, but also, there is a palace on the Asian side in Uskudar called Kucuksu Palace, it was built by the Ottoman Sultans to get rid of their stress when ruling the empire, and also for vacation purposes since this palace has an amazing view over the Bosphorus, you will indeed notice this palace during your Bosphorus cruise. There is also a tower in the Bosphorus close to the Asian side than the European side which is named by the Maiden’s tower. This small amazing tower you see in every picture of the city. The legend says that this tower was built for an emperor’s daughter because his psychic told him that she will die from a snake bite, so he built it for her own safety. Later on, she received a fruit basket, inside there is a snake hidden in the basket, and she died because of it. You may go to the tower by boats from Uskudar and enjoy the lovely experience the restaurant and bar offer you there with a handful of dishes and wonderful view.

Kadikoy on the other hand provide a spectacular experience, it is one of the best places for locals, any tourists that go there will also live a life like a local, the main thing in Kadikoy is Moda neighborhood, which is a fascinating place on the shore of the Bosphorus, you have plenty of options to do there, from taking a walk in the garden and experiencing the beautiful coastlines, there is also there a famous bazaar that is good with selling fresh fish, you buy or eat your fish directly from the fishermen. The Bagdat street in Kadikoy is also as famous as Moda district, the street is famous for its shops and it offers plenty of surprises, you may shop there at the street or even take a magical walk to enjoy the nightlife there.

Bahariye Street is also popular in Kadikoy, the nickname of this street is the Istiklal street of the Asian side, there is an operated tram in the street also.

Most of the activities in the Asian side consists in Uskudar and Kadikoy since they are the most famous parts of this side of the city, all other districts in the Asian side are mostly residential. But these two districts are as wonderful as the European side and they will do their job to keep you away from touristic areas.

Shop at Akasya Shopping Mall


Akasya Mall is located in Acibadem district alongside the Metrobus, it is one of the best shopping malls in the city, with its modern design, capacity of shops, and wonderful atmosphere. There are plenty of international brands in this particular mall. many people especially locals come to this shopping outlet to shop for their favorite products. It actually offers the largest open-air concert space, and one of the best green spaces that is located in the middle of the mall.


Plenty of things to do in the Asian side, it offers fantastic activities to the locals and the tourists. The Uskudar and Kadikoy areas are the most popular and famous districts of the Asian side of the city. In addition, to some of the greatest views you will ever experience from the shore of the Bosphorus from Uskudar seashore and Kadikoy as well. Feel like a local when you visit the Asian side. You can go there by metro or metrobus or even ferries from the European side to make the experience more beautiful.

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