Turkish Marbling – Ebru Workshop in Istanbul

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Turkish Marbling – Ebru Workshop in Istanbul

Let us make a "Younique" Art. Learning how to make an Ebru Art picture and as small groups for practicing to do an Ebru Art.

Duration: 2 Hours
Live Guide: English


  • Learn traditional Turkish paper marblling techniques in a fun hands-on workshop.
  • Come and experience the sensuous flow of Ebru!

Full Description

Turkish Marbling or Ebru Art is a common name which is made with colorful composition on a concentrated liquid. The liquid seems like ordinary water. While the masters prepare the paint they add tragacanth and cattle bile which is found in the East and South-East region of Turkey. This makes the water concentration and the colors can swim on it.

When it comes to why this art is famous? Due to the faces of any alive person is forbidden to pictured in the Islamic belief system, so the masters of art developed themselves on Ebru. Linguisticsits says that the etymologic base of "Ebru" is "Ebr" word from the Persian language. It means "Cloud".
When we investigate the history of Ebru Art there is not any indicated document that shows its birth, but as a common thought, it is originated from old China. Even if it is thought that Ebru is a picture art, it has been also used to decorate some old calligraphic handwritten magazines and Qurans. Ebru Art's main tool is a brush. When you take the color to your brush you transfer the color to water by splashing it on to the water surface. Next to the paper, there are 3 main materials to do Ebru Art; Colors, tragacanth and cattle bile. Colors are handled from Soil or plants. These colors should not include oil and melt in water. If the color has these 2 features it can be used for Ebru Art. From its water preparation till color preparation it requests more patience.
There are 3 types of Ebru Art out there, 3 main Ebru Art called Battal, Shal, and Taraklı. In some arts, we can also see their mixture which is done some flowers. When we arrive at the present day we also see Ebru Art on some goods like leather, glass, cloth, furniture, book covers, notebooks, invitations, and many other areas.



  • 2 Hours Workshop.
  • All Necessary Equipment.
  • Transportation is not included.

Meeting point

Les Arts Turcs - Art Gallery & Studio.


Know Before You Go

  • Please be ready 15 minutes before the starting time at Gallery.

About your Host

Les Arts Turcs - Art Gallery & Studio

Bazaar Turkey - Senguler Tourism is a travel agency and an Culture Center based in Istanbul. We are focused on Art & Cultural activies in istanbul from a professional point of view...
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Customer Reviews

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Jaime - February 16, 2019

This is not an art. It is an amazing thing. I have never seen any paint workshop like this. Really effected

Lisa - February 03, 2019

We live in Germany came from Turkey 12 years ago. I always liked and i will like this Ebru Painting. My daughter s name is also Ebru. We got a colorful Ebru Art, put her picture in its middle and hanged on our wall with a nice frame.

Armando - January 04, 2019

I suggest do not try at home. If your mom sees that you painted armchairs while you think to do Ebru, she can be an Ottoman soldier. :D As i saw preparation period is longer than painting. Not easy as it seems.

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