Jungle Park Entrance (Jungle, Safari and Dungeon)

Want a unique jungle experience in the middle of the city? Meet the exotic and endangered animals at Jungle Park, do a fun Safari and visit the scary Dungeon!

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Duration 1 Day

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Enter a mysterious jungle world and see everything from snakes and spiders, to alligators and sharks, to tropical birds. The park has almost 400 animals in total from 100 different species and some are even on the verge of extinction. Don't miss the opportunity to see them for yourself!

In the same complex, there is a Safari experience for all ages and a Dungeon experience for children aged 10 and above. Have a great day out with the family at this three-in-one attraction!

Are you willing to embark on a mystery journey?

In the enigmatic Jungle world, observe huge snakes, sharks, spiders, turtles, alligators, frogs, and tropical birds. These are really uncommon in Turkey! The park is home to around 400 animals from 100 distinct species, some of which are threatened with extinction. Don't pass up the chance to see them for yourself!

To become the adventure's hero and win a prize, request a Jungle Istanbul adventure chart at the ticket desk when you arrive. Then, follow the suggested path. With Istanbul.com, you and your loved ones can pleasantly take in the unusual wildlife of the rainforest.

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  • Get ready for lots of fun and surprises on your Safari!
  • If you're brave enough…enter the dark tunnels and creepy corners of the Dungeon!
  • See an interesting and rare collection of wildlife and exotic animals in this inner-city jungle sanctuary.

  •  Entrance fee.
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  •  Live guide.
  •  Food and beverages.
Know Before You Go

The park is open between 10:00 - 20:00 on weekdays and 10:00 - 21:00 on weekends.


Are you ready for a mysterious adventure?

See enormous snakes, spiders, frogs, turtles, alligators, and sharks, as well as tropical birds, in the mysterious Jungle world. In Turkey, these are quite rare! Nearly 400 creatures representing 100 different species live in the park, some of which are endangered. Don't miss out on your opportunity to view them for yourself!

When you arrive, ask for a Jungle Istanbul adventure map at the ticket counter and follow the path and suggestions to become the hero of the adventure and win a prize! Enjoy the exotic creatures of the rainforest with your loved ones.

Unique Features of Dungeon

Would you like to have a fun Istanbul tour with your family or loved ones and then push the limits of your courage? Challenge yourself with Dungeon and prove you are brave enough to experience the tension to the fullest! 

Experience the real underground with ghosts, zombies, and other dark side creatures with animated machines and digital horror effects. Dungeon tour is a family activity and an activity that increases the fun when the crowd goes. This feature attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists in Istanbul.

If you want to have some fun when you finish your cultural trips in Istanbul and are looking for a different activity, make sure to turn your route to Dungeon. With great pleasure, you can complete this extraordinary tour, which lasts for about an hour. One of the number one activities for action and horror lovers, Dungeon is among the number one tourist attractions

What Awaits You in the Safari Park

The Safari consists of a series of theme designs prepared in the tunnel concept, in which you can travel by train. Since it contains many topics and appeals to different tastes, the Safari Park is an enjoyable tourist attraction. Thanks to its various effects and designs, it offers a visual feast to its visitors. Amazon forests, one of the favorite corners of visitors on safari, allow you to observe animals and their natural habitats in realistic forms. 

You can have an unforgettable experience with Safari, one of the popular family travel destinations, especially loved by young visitors. The visitors, mainly children, get to know what we are not accustomed to seeing daily. The sound effects recorded with superior reality will make you experience the ambiance of the zoo with the animals from the other side of the world, which are imitated perfectly.

Frequently Asked Question

Why Should I Visit Jungle Park Istanbul?
At Jungle Park Istanbul, you can spot many creatures that you cannot see in the city and enjoy a lovely day with your family. You wouldn’t want to forget to take your camera because these beauties deserve to be kept as visual memories.
How Much Should I Pay for Tickets to Enter Jungle Park Istanbul?
Just check the advantageous prices on Istanbul.com and book your ticket right away!
Jungle Park Istanbul Opening Hours?
You can visit Jungle Park Istanbul every day between 11:30 AM and 20:00 PM.
What is included in Jungle Park?
In Jungle Park, you will find more than 1000 animals with 400 different species!
How Can I Go To Junge Park Istanbul?
You can go there by buses from Yeşilpınar. Drop off at Cumhuriyet Ortaokulu stop and go to Isfanbul Shopping Mall.
Why Should I Join the Safari in Jungle Park?
Addressing many themes with its various corners, Safari allows you to observe realistic designs of different animal species. You can have a unique tour experience by having the chance to see exotic animals from different continents.
Is the Istanbul Dungeon Suitable for a Family Trip?
Yes! Add a new one to your memories that you will remember for years with Dungeon, which is a complete family activity! The Dungeon can be your first choice when you want to spend a pleasant day with your family.

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