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How about a Journey to the Past with Toys?

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Sunay Akin, who is a well-known Turkish poet and author, curated the Istanbul Toy Museum with toys he acquired from auctions and antique shops in more than 40 countries during a 20-year span. The museum's purpose is to utilize toys to make world history more interesting and engaging for its visitors. For example, in the space toys area, the endeavor to reach the Moon is described, while in the railway toys section, the industrial revolution is described.

Visiting the Istanbul Toy Museum is sure to give you a different perspective about world history, you may just be able to gain that viewpoint.

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  • Adults will return to their childhood in this museum!
  • The museum aims to present world history with toys in a more fun and catchy learning method!
  • Toys from auctions and antique dealers in over 40 countries for over 20 years!

  • Entry to Istanbul Toy Museum


About Istanbul Toy Museum

Istanbul Toy Museum: A First in Turkey, A First in the World Poet/author Sunay Akın founded Istanbul Toy Museum on April 23 (National Sovereignty and Children's Day), 2005. The stage design artist Ayhan Doğan the decoration of the museum. The Istanbul Toy Museum locates in a historical mansion and exhibits the most famous examples of toy history from the 1700s until today.

Istanbul Toy Museum was established with the toys that Sunay Akın bought from auctions and antique shops in more than 40 countries over 20 years. The museum aims to present world history to its visitors with more fun and catchy learning method. For example, in the space toys section, the effort to reach the Moon, and in the train toys section, the industrial revolution is described in the language of toys. 

One of the essential features of the Istanbul Toy Museum is that it embraces the family with all its members. In the Istanbul Toy Museum, three generations can spend time together and share common happiness. Grandparents, father/mother, and grandchildren enjoy telling each other about their time as they are in a time machine voyage. The corridors of the toy museum resound with sounds that begin with the sentence "I had this one!" and stories about childhood memories.

Istanbul Toy Museum held The TOYCO-2012 Istanbul (European Association of Toy and Children's Museums) meeting in November 2012. As a first in the world, this meeting was held in Turkey for the first time. In this way, the Istanbul Toy Museum became a pioneer in establishing the association of children's and toy museums globally. It gave Istanbul the title of "capital of toy museums."


Frequently Asked Question

Why Should I Visit Istanbul Toy Museum?
Every adult should go back to their childhood sometimes, and every child needs to see that every adult was a child once. Don’t miss the chance to see connecting power of toys over the years
Do I Have to Wait in Line to Get Tickets?
With the tickets you buy from, you don’t need to wait in line for even a famous tourist attraction, and the tickets are free.
Istanbul Toy Museum Opening Hours?
Istanbul Toy Museum is open to visitors every day, except Mondays, between 11:00 - 18:00.


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