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Extreme Adventure Park Watergarden

Time to have an adventurous family time and enjoy great toys in this amazing Park in Watergarden Mall!

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Duration 1 Hour

Check availability to see starting times.

Get ready to be challenged! This is a great playground if you want adventure and physical activity at the same time! Carefully set parkours in which you can challenge yourself and your physical condition will push you to move fast and will make you have fun while you try to get to the finish line! Climbing walls will make you have so much fun while you try to climb up with your whole body! 

There is also a great area for kids! Kids can enjoy the toys in the area like a mini Ferris wheel while adults have fun in adventure parlors! A great place for a family day!

For all these fantastic experiences all you need is a ticket you can easily get from! If you are in Istanbul and want to have a wonderful and unforgettable family day, Extreme Adventure Park is the right address for you! 

Select participants, date, and language
  • Experience a adventurous family day with special areas for both adults and kids
  • Climbing walls make you feel like you are climbing to Everest!
  • Amazing adventure parkours challenge your physical condition and stability!
  • With professional and experienced staff this amazing experience is completely safe and secure.
  • Kids playground with a mini Ferris wheel and many toys

  • Entrance to Extreme Adventure Park Watergardan
  • Entrance to Adventure Parkours Watergarden
  • Entrance to Climbing Area in Extreme Adventure Park Watergarden
  • Kids play area with a mini ferris wheel 
  • Security helmets and belts to use at every attraction


About Extreme Adventure Park Watergarden

Watergarden is a beautiful mall with great pools and light shows located n the Asian side of Istanbul. Since there are many shopping areas, great restaurants, and various attractions in Watergarden, it is a popular mall in Istanbul for both locals and tourists. 

Extreme Adventure Park Watergarden is a great playground if you want some adventure and physical activity! There are carefully prepared parkours in which you can challenge yourself and your physical condition. These parkours will force you to move fast and have fun while you try to get to the finish line! There are also climbing walls that will make you have so much fun while you try to climb up with your whole body! You will feel like you are climbing Everest!

Kids are not forgotten! There is a specially designed area for the kids to have fun! This area is like a mini fun fair with toys like a mini Ferris Wheel. You kids love it! 

The best thing about all of these experiences is they are completely safe and sound! With an experienced provider and professional staff, you will be ready to experience an amazing adrenaline rush with complete safety! Addressing all age groups, children, young and old, the Park establishes areas with all international safety and security certificates. The Park management does not risk even the smallest detail for the safety of people, are constantly audited, which gives confidence to both providers and users. All employees are specially trained, and they are in continuous training in terms of both safety and customer satisfaction.

Security Measures

  • Users must follow all directions from the authorized personnel and must take all the necessary security measures indicated. 

  • Authorized personnel has the right not to accept customers who do not comply with the criteria as per the Safety Standards. Customers who do not meet the height, weight, and minimum age criteria cannot be compelled to use by employees or the customer cannot insist on use.

  • Users must not be less than 7 years old and not less than 20 kg. Extra equipment support is required for users above 1.90 cm. and 120 kg. 

  • Comfortable clothes that will not prevent movement should be worn. Dresses should be approved by authorized personnel for safety. 

  • People with epilepsy, fainting, dizziness, mental, psychological, and physical disorders; high blood pressure patients, diabetics, heart patients, those with physical disorders, chronic bone and joint patients; pregnant women and those who have recently undergone surgery are not allowed to use.

  • All items that are likely to fall, trip, or get lost should be removed. Money, jewelry, watches, cell phones, cameras, wallets, bags, earrings, necklaces, slippers, bracelets, long messy hair, neckerchiefs, etc. use is not permitted. It is inconvenient to use with glasses that do not have a back tie. Shoelaces should be tied carefully.

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Extreme Adventure Park Watergarden
Total Price 16.00 €
12 January 2022
2 Adult(s), 1 Child
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