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This experience is a great way to understand and empathise with blind people. To find your way, you will only get one stick to use in the complete darkness!

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Duration 1 Hour

Check availability to see starting times.

Dialogue in the Dark is a wonderful social project that has been performed in 130 cities around the world and has had 7 million participants! The aim is to help us change our misconceptions and prejudice towards blind people by allowing us to experience many of their daily challenges and empathise with them. In Dialogue in the Dark, blind professional guides will lead you through specially designed dark rooms where you will interact with your environment using all your senses except sight. At the end of the tour, you will see your guide, with whom you've bonded over the last hour or so, for the first time and will be able to thank them face-to-face. What a nice way to finish!

"Dialogue in the Dark," which affected the lives of more than 300,000 people in Istanbul, was witnessed by more than 10 million people across more than 135 cities worldwide. It is currently on display at the Turkcell Dialogue Museum.

Spend 60 minutes watching Dialogue in the Dark for an incredible experience, and you'll have the time of your life.

You will be shown a new side of Istanbul through the Dialogue in the Dark event. With the exception of sight, all of your senses will be restored, and you'll discover what you've been missing out on. You will be completely enveloped in darkness while participating in dialogue in the dark. Examples of these encounters include going through a park or crossing a street. By heightening your awareness and stimulating your senses… Visually challenged tour guides will take you on an amazing adventure while allowing you to see in a fresh and different way through touching, smelling, and hearing.

Select participants, date, and language
  • Understand what it's like to live without sight.
  • Learn to navigate in complete darkness.

  •  Entrance fee.
Not Included
  •  Food and beverages.

Know Before You Go

Important! You can get to Dialogue in the Dark by metro, getting off at the Gayrettepe metro station. It is located on the first underground floor of the metro station. Children under the age of 7 are not allowed in by the venue. English guide is available only on Saturdays and Sundays.


Dialogue in Dark: One Must Look with the Heart

Do you remember the famous wise words from the epic book Little Prince?

Dialogue in the Dark, considered one of the most remarkable attractions in Istanbul, works on improving social interaction and empathy between people. Empathy is not a need between the "abled" and "disabled." All the people need to be understood. Through this experience, you can feel blind people already can see, maybe not your face, but your soul. Perhaps it's time to look at each others' souls like they do! After understanding the abilities of blind people, you will also find out they do not need the mercy of people who can see.

Darkness is a symbol of uncertainty and a massive fear for people, whether young or old. From the moment you face the complex situation of darkness, your body tries to adapt and approaches the environment differently. When you are all alone in the dark, you will try to find your way without help, and your perception changes. Excursions in rooms in pitch darkness will recreate your daily routines and maybe the way you think! Blind guides will accompany you to overcome the adaptation problem during your Dialogue in the Dark trip.

History of Dialogue in the Dark
Dialogue in the Dark is a place that has been considered one of the most unusual tourist attractions and not for nothing! Visitors are never the same when they leave the exhibition area, which offers visitors a staggering experience in a unique environment. The history of the idea of Dialogue in the Dark goes back a long time, dates back to 1988, and originated as a real story. Dr. Andreas Heinecke came up with this idea inspired by his friend, who was blind due to a car accident. 

Similar to the old times, it is obvious that blind people suffer from inequalities compared with people who can see. Dr. Andreas Heinecke wanted to reach a point to upload a new perspective to people without disabilities. The Dialogue in the Dark journey, which started in 1988, has evolved by adding new themes to the concept. Although the concept started with a small idea in Germany, it has become a popular event in 41 countries today.

The Concepts of Dialogue in the Dark

In Dialogue in the Dark, you can create a landscape with your imagination using your senses of sight, touch, and smell. Come closer to the sounds of the wind, birds, steamboat, tram, various smells, textures found in nature, or familiar from daily life! Everything you can come across in a typical Istanbul day will become your new reality in the dark.

You will have the opportunity to touch, smell, and feel places such as streets, parks, cafes, bazaars, and even cash dispensers that you have never seen in pitch darkness.

Do you wonder where the "Dialogue" is coming from? After an hour of examination in the dark, you will have a chance to converse with your blind guide. All together with the other visitors, you can share your feelings and how the experience affected you. You can also ask questions to your guide. The chat between you may be the most crucial part of the Dialogue in the Dark. 

Darkness is actually a metaphor; if there is dialogue, there is no such thing as darkness. When you think about it, you can't see anyone in the dark, and no one can see you either. So everybody is equal and free in the dark. Likewise, there is no hierarchy. So dialogue in the Dark continues to be an essential turning point in the participants' lives. 

With, it will be easier than you think to get to the unusual and intriguing experiences offered by Dialogue in the Park. However, if you are a curious spirit and a brave heart, you should not skip adding Dialogue in the Dark to your Istanbul travel guide. Do you seek another soulful exhibition in Istanbul as Dialogue in the Dark?

Frequently Asked Question

Why Should I Experience the Dialogue in the Dark?
Dialogue in the Dark allows you to get out of your comfort zone and promises a life-changing experience. The place expands your sense of empathy and will enable you to look at your daily routine habits from a different perspective.
Can I Join the Dialogue in the Dark with a Friend?
Loneliness is not allowed in the Dialogue in the Dark. Dialogue in the Dark can only be made in groups so that you can bring a friend.
How Long Does it Take a Session in the Dialogue in the Dark?
Each visit in the Dialogue in the Dark is held for approximately one and a half hours.
What are the Appropriate Hours and Days to Join the Dialogue in the Dark?
Dialogue in the Dark welcomes participants between 11:00 and 18:30 on weekdays and Saturdays. Between 12:00 and 18:30 on Sundays.


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