Tatar Salim Döner Lokantası


Tatar Salim Doner Lokantası, offers a special recipe created by the Tatar people in the travel book of Evliya Çelebi, which is the result of long researches in Anatolia. Tatar Salim Doner Lokantası is located in Ataşehir. Meats obtained from Biga and Keşan regions are prepared daily. The traditional sour ayran comes from the Madran region. And many more products are brought from special places. Tatar Salim Doner Lokantası t has a variety of soups, salads and desserts.

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After a long day, you should go to Tatar Salim Döner Lokantası and have a delicious dinner. You will love Tatar Salim Doner Lokantası with doner made from fresh meat and sour ayran and various appetizers.




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