Shishly Cafe & Bistro


Shishly Café & Restaurant serves contemporary Anatolian cuisine and authentic south-eastern cuisine in Sisli. Its location opens a lot of opportunities to discover different parts of the city prior to or after your visit to this restaurant. Whether you’d like to have breakfast, lunch or dinner, or even if you’d like to relieve the tiredness of the day with a drink after long and joyful exploration, Shisly Café & Restaurant is here with its wide food and drink menu. Their professional and passionate staff works tirelessly to ensure your comfort and their master chef Mark Johnson enjoys deeply cooking these special meals for you. Passion is the right word selection to talk about Shisly Café & Restaurant. From its owners to waitresses, every one of the friendly and passionate staff works with passion, to be able to express their art in the most effective way. Their wide food and drink menus cover almost everything you can think of. Its starters, salads, main meat dishes, burgers all have their ingredients selected with care to satisfy your expectations. Their wide alcoholic and nonalcoholic drink menu will complement your tasty experience. 

We recommend you attend Istanbul Rhythm of the Dance Show to enrich your cultural knowledge about Istanbul. This event takes place in historical Hodjapasha Cultural Center. Hodjapasha Cultural Center was originally built as hamam(Turkish bath) in 15thcentury.  Hodjapasha is the nickname of a historical character named Sinan Pasha, due to his commitment to rumi religion studies and living style. This hamam had both sections for men and women for over hundreds of years. At 2008, this place got restored and turned into a place of cultural events, rumi education and dance center. On the other part of Hodjapasha Cultural Center, you can enjoy the Dervish Experience Exhibition before dance show. This experience allows you to understand how Rumi belief developed and how it affects and shapes living of its believers. 

Shisly café & bistro is waiting for you with their professional, friendly and passionate staff. It is a cozy and quiet place for you and your friends and family to enjoy a nice evening. Having a central location, you can add Shisly café & bistro as a rest place on your vacation plan.




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