Safran Pub & Meyhane


Safran Pub & Meyhane The first name that comes to mind when it comes to raki in Kadikoy is Safran Pub & Meyhane. Safran Pub & Meyhane, which has a wide selection of appetizers, stands out with its fast and friendly staff, who grow fast and fast, with delicious appetizers, hearty and sumptuous portions and no longer fast service places. Safran Pub & Meyhane is one of the rare taverns that can be called Kadıköy's pupil. We do not know how to explain the owner of the venue who has not lost his cell phone, does not break the appetizers and dishes, does not break the heart, who conquered the hearts with his continuous tea service and did not lose his tradesmen. Safran Pub & Pub is generally full (we do not say in vain in the first mind) we advise you to make a reservation before you go. They don't have a schedule yet, but we hope they will be adding a schedule and events schedule in the future.




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