Radisson Blu Hotel İstanbul Asia
5 Stars


Radisson Blu Hotel Istanbul Asia is located in a 16-storey building with experienced staff. It is very close to Nezahat Gökyiğit Botanical Garden and 9 minutes away from Baghdad Street. With the advantage of being close to shopping centers and business centers, Radisson Blu Hotel Istanbul Asia provides luxurious accommodation.
The Radisson Blu Hotel Istanbul Asia offers a variety of room options to help you choose the room that suits your needs. You can choose to stay in a spacious king suite, or choose a room with a terrace and enjoy the view. Radisson Blu Hotel Istanbul Asia has designed rooms with everything one might need. The hotel has enough facilities for business meetings as well as holiday stays, and offers 12 meeting rooms. With the menus prepared by the chefs, you can turn your meetings into feasts. You can dine in the elegant restaurant and have a drink in the bar. You can relax in the outdoor pool, hammam or spa.

If you want to visit and learn about the city when you stay in a central location in Istanbul, you can participate in different tours. If you want to start the day from places close to your hotel, you can join Uskudar and Kadikoy Tour.  You can visit the historical structures of these two beautiful districts located in the coastal winter. You can see many mosques in Üsküdar and you can have bagels for seagulls on the beach. When you move to Kadikoy, you can go around and shop at various stores. You can go to Moda coast with Kadıköy-Moda Train and take a peaceful walk. Don't forget to eat dessert in fashionable cafes. You should countine a day in Istanbul with Cruise on Bosphorus Tour. Your first stop is Ortakoy and you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Bosphorus. You can visit the Büyük Mecidiye Mosque and get information about the mosque from your tour guide. You should definitely eat Kumpir and Waffles in Ortaköy. Your second stop is Küçüksu in Asia. This place has hosted many films. Or you can see the Maiden's Tower if you want. It has many legends about the Maiden's Tower. It is interesting with its interesting architecture and its location in the middle of the Bosphorus.  As you continue the tour, you will see the Rumeli Hisarı Fortressand the Anadolu Kavağı. Finally, you can go to Poyrazköy, swim or enjoy the sun. You will have a day full of Bosphorus views and you will see the beauties of Istanbul. 
When you finish this exhausting and plentiful exploration day, Radisson Blu Hotel Istanbul Asia will be waiting to make you feel comfortable with its luxurious room, which is prepared in an easily accessible place.




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