Point Hotel Taksim
5 Stars


If you want to make the best out of your trip to Istanbul, Point Hotel Taksim warmly welcomes you with its perfect location and excellent service.

Located right at the heart of the city, Taksim, Point Hotel has a lot to offer. It has two restaurants, View Point Restaurant which serves Turkish cuisine and world cuisine and Udonya Restaurant which specializes on Japanese cuisine. It also includes a bar and a cafe for you to relax after a day full of wandering around this amazing city. Also, you are invited for Tango nights that happen every Thursday at View Point Restaurant, go try it out if you want to spice things up in your trip!

The hotel offers variety of rooms, including senior and junior suites as well as adjoining family rooms.

In addition to these, the hotel has a beautiful spa centre, where you can find massage rooms including Thai massages, skin care rooms, jacuzzis, Turkish bath, sauna, an indoor swimming pool and many more.

As I have mentioned before the hotel is located at the heart of the city, and I am not exaggerating it, it is only minutes away from Taksim Square and Istiklal Street by walking, 30 minutes away from the Old City by car, and 30 minutes from Kadıköy, the heart of the Asian side!

If you’d like to explore the nearby happenings with locals, you should join Istiklal Walks. Istiklal Walks covers the most popular (and it totally deserves this title) street of the city. The street has been car-fee since 1988, and is a hotpoint for night-life and shopping for over 150 years. There is a large amount of night clubs and bars that you can try out, as well as local and international brands, not to mention the amazing restaurants and traditional and hip cafes.

The tour begins at Taksim Square, where you’ll meet your guide to explore Istiklal including its little side streets. The guide will be informing you about the history and culture of the famous street throughout the tour. You will also be visiting Armenian and Romaic churches, and taste the amazing experience of the street that doesn’t sleep.

The perfect way to end the day would be having dinner at 1924 Istanbul to get a full taste of the history you have been exposed to all day. The restaurant was originally founded bay Russians fleeing the Bolshevik revolution, and used to be known as ‘Rejans’. Today, it brings together authentic Russian culture with Turkish aesthetics and perfectly represents the multicultural nature of the neighborhood. Every detail has been dealt with attentively to create the atmosphere of the 20s when it was restored once again, and is locked and ready to project you back to those times!




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