Peymane Ocakbaşı


Peymane Ocakbasi was founded in 2004 in Beyoglu. Now, it serves in Beyoğlu's historic 5-storey building in TomTom district. Peymane Ocakbasi's popular feature is that different jazz pieces play on each floor. If you want to enjoy your dinner with jazz music, you should choose Peymane Ocakbaşı.

Peymane Ocakbaşı menu has various flavors of Anatolia. The taste of meatballs from Elazığ, baklava with pistachio from Gaziantep, the curly lamb of Kırklareli is one of the most popular tastes of Peymane Ocakbaşı. Peymane wrap is a must try. Peymane Ocakbaşı is located in a wide variety of appetizers that you can eat with delicious dishes. Atom, muhammara and hummus with bacon are the most preferred appetizers. For those who want to consume healthy vegetables, appetizers with vegetables are also available at Peymane Ocakbaşı.

If you want to spend a day visiting Beyoğlu, you should start the day with İstiklal Street Tour. You can wander around Istiklal Street and shop at various shops. You can see many historical buildings and churches on Istiklal Street. You should continue with Galata Tour. Stroll through the narrow streets of Galata and see the Galata Tower up close. Then you can buy a Madame Tussauds Istanbul Entrance Ticket and have a different experience. Madame Tussauds Istanbul, which is interesting with wax sculptures, can be photographed with sculptures belonging to many people. You will experience entertaining moments with realistic sculptures of people who have made a name for themselves in politics, art, science and many other fields.

At the end of the day you discover Beyoğlu, you should choose Peymane Ocakbaşı for a delicious dinner. You can have a nice dinner with meat dishes cooked on the wood fire and delicious appetizers. Peymane Ocakbaşı, where you can chat with jazz music, offers a combination of taste and entertainment.




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