Paul's Homemade Pasta & Lasagna


Paul’s Homemade Pasta & Lasagna offers a different concept in Moda. Not only the food but also the interior design is completely handmade. Tables, chandeliers, accessories handmade. The only thing taken is the chairs.

Paul’s Homemade Pasta & Lasagna serves Italian delicacies. The most varied dish is lasagna. Toast, pesto sauce and olive oil come to the table before dinner. Then you can choose from 16-17 kinds of lasagne. Vegan guests have lasagna used in avocado. The pasta is also prepared as homemade and healthy. Paul’s Homemade Pasta & Lasagna has a variety of desserts but the most popular tiramisu.

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After this day of visiting Istanbul, you should have a delicious dinner at Paul’s Homemade Pasta & Lasagnada. Choose the lasagna variety that suits your taste buds and have a full dinner.




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