Nalia Karadeniz Mutfağı Güneşli


Nalia Black Sea Cuisine has been offering the tastes of unique Black Sea cuisine since 2006. Süleyman Tarakçı and Erol Emirhan Tarakçı opened the first restaurant in Güneşli. After sunshine, branches were opened in Bostancı and Kurtköy.

Nalia Black Sea Cuisine aims to be the restaurant that represents the best of the Black Sea cuisine. It offers a variety of dishes prepared with products grown in the Black Sea. Nalia Black Sea Cuisine prepares its meals using only butter and olive oil. Besides, only the Himalayan crystal salt is used as salt. Meat types come from Balıkesir and Afyon. Nalia Black Sea Cuisine has special recipes. Nalia corn dessert is a gluten-free and light dessert, the cabbage soup uses vitamins such as corn splits and kidney beans. Corn bread and Hemşin mıhlama are also special tastes of Nalia Black Sea Cuisine.

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If you want to explore the Black Sea cuisine after the day you visit Istanbul, you should definitely visit Nalia Black Sea Cuisine. You will be indispensable with friendly service and delicious food.




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