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Обиколка со водич во палатата Топкапи со билет за прескокнување на линијата

Прескокнете ги линиите за билети и откријте ја неверојатната палата Топкапи со информативна тура. Изберете од 20 или 45-минутните тури, а потоа истражувајте со свое темпо. За подлабоко искуство, одлучете се за мала групна турнеја или ангажирајте професионален водич.

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Времетраење 70 минути

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Подигнување по избор

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Палата Топкапи was the grand residence of the Ottoman Sultans and the administrative center of the Ottoman Empire for more than 400 years. On your guided tour, skip the ticket line completely and enter directly with the tour group. You will get much more time to explore and enjoy your holiday this way! 

This guided tour of Topkapi Palace offers options for everyone. Choose a 20 or 45-minute tour for a lively overview, or a small group tour (up to 8 people) for a deeper dive with Q&A. For the most personalized experience, a private tour (2-8 people) allows you to tailor the itinerary to your interests, whether it's architecture, history, or simply soaking in the grandeur.

There are hundreds of years of intrigue and history to discover at Палатата Топкапи so make sure you join one of our skip-the-line tours to find out more!

Изберете учесници, датум и јазик
  • Discover the history and hidden stories of Topkapi Palace with a professional local guide.
  • See the main residence and administrative headquarters of the Ottoman Empire.
  • Discover the famous Harem section and experience the secret lives of Sultans.
  • Enjoy priority admission and skip-the-line access to Topkapi Palace.
  • Choose the small group tour option (up to 8 people) to walk through the palace with your informative guide, receiving detailed explanations.
  • Experience the glory of the Ottoman Era by hiring a private guide to accompany you every step, offering a personalized and in-depth tour.

  • Skip-the-line entry ticket to Topkapi Palace
  • Професионален туристички водич кој зборува англиски
  • Entrance to the Harem Section (500TL value)
  • Free time in Topkapı Palace 
  • Optional- Small Group Guided Tour
  • Optional - Private Guided Tour  
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Знајте пред да одите

Овој билет за турнеја не дозволува сам да влезете во музеите. Треба да се сретнете со водичот на местото на состанокот 5 минути пред закажаното време за почеток.

За нас

Get on a captivating journey through the illustrious history of Topkapi Palace with this guided tour.

Обиколки на музејот во палатата Топкапи

Meet your certified local guide in the palace courtyard and enjoy a lively, informative narration about the palace's rich past. As you marvel at the main residence and administrative headquarters of the Ottoman Empire, you'll gain insights into the lives of sultans, their families, and the daily workings of the empire. After the guided session, your guide take you to the Harem section, once you are in, you're free to explore the palace at your own pace, allowing you to soak in the grandeur and beauty of this historic site. Choose from 20 or 45-minute tours to best fit your schedule and interests.

For those seeking a more intimate experience, the турнеја со мала група is the perfect option. Limited to just eight people, this tour provides a detailed and immersive exploration of Палатата Топкапи. Accompanied by your professional local guide, you'll receive in-depth explanations of each section, including the enigmatic Harem. The small group setting ensures you can ask questions and engage in discussions, uncovering the palace's secrets and stories layer by layer. This option is ideal for those who prefer a more interactive and engaging tour.

If you desire a highly personalized experience, our private group guided tour offers unparalleled exclusivity. Designed for groups of two to eight people, this tour allows you to delve deeper into the history and significance of Topkapi Palace with a dedicated professional guide. Enjoy the flexibility to tailor the tour to your specific interests, whether you're keen on exploring the architectural marvels, learning about the political intrigue, or simply soaking in the opulent surroundings. Your private guide will be with you every step of the way, providing a bespoke and unforgettable tour experience.

Палатата Топкапи itself is a magnificent testament to the grandeur of the Ottoman Empire. Constructed in the 15th century, it served as the primary residence of the Ottoman sultans for over 400 years. The palace complex is a stunning example of Ottoman architecture, featuring exquisite courtyards, lush gardens, and opulent pavilions. Within its walls, you'll find treasures such as the Imperial Harem, the Throne Room, and the renowned Topkapi Dagger. The Hagia Irene Museum, once an important Byzantine church, is also part of the palace complex, adding to its historical richness. A visit to Topkapi Palace offers a unique glimpse into the opulent lifestyle and powerful legacy of the Ottoman rulers.

About Topkapi Palace Istanbul

Палата Топкапи is one of the oldest historical buildings in Istanbul. The palace was established for educational and administrative reasons during the Fatih Sultan Mehmet period. After the Republic of Turkey was founded, Палата Топкапи was converted into a museum for its historical and artistic values. It is actually the first museum of the Republic of Turkey. Topkapı Palace is surrounded by gardens, squares that were used as courtyards, Hagia Eirene Church, and different stores.

Topkapı Palace was изградена во 1465 година. It contains hundreds of years of history. In the palace are thousands of documents from the Ottoman period. It is basically a paradise for history lovers. You could learn so much about the culture and history of Turkey by just taking a quick tour around the Topkapı Palace. This Palace has witnessed different Sultans, different time periods, and numerous traditions that are still a part of Turkish culture. Inside the palace, you could also see the artistic characteristics that shaped the Ottoman Period. In the palace, you will find prayer rooms, libraries, and numerous other rooms that serve different purposes. 

Зошто треба да ја посетите палатата Топкапи

If you are planning a trip to Istanbul, you should know that without a visit to the Topkapı Palace Museum, your trip will not be complete. You may have countless places on your mind to visit in Istanbul, but, with a visit to the Музеј на палатата Топкапи, you will learn so much about Istanbul and Turkish culture and history. You could book a guided Topkapı Palace Museum tour that will allow you to save a lot of time. With guided tours, you will not have to wait in long ticket lines and make the best of your limited time in Istanbul. With guided Topkapı Palace Museum tours, you will be able to visit this historical place in your time of choice and discover all its complexity without wasting time or energy.  By booking a guided Topkapı Palace Museum tour, you will meet your guide, skip the long queues, enjoy the beauty of the Topkapı Palace, and take amazing pictures to save as memory. Some tours also provide you with audio guides to allow you to discover the complex independently. 

на Туристичка пропусница во Истанбул is another alternative for you to consider for your Istanbul trip. With the Istanbul tourist pass, everything on your trip will be covered. You will not have to be worried about airport transfers or missing out on iconic places in Istanbul.  You will have access to numerous fun and cultural activities. With the Istanbul Tourist Pass®, you will have access to more than 100 attractions in Istanbul, including the Topkapı Palace Museum. With this Tourist Pass, you will not have to book separate tours for each place you would like to see. 

Музеј на палатата Топкапи is one of the landmarks in Istanbul. It contains hundreds of years of history and culture. If you want to learn as much as you can about the Turkish culture and the history of Istanbul, you should definitely not skip on visiting the Topkapı Palace Museum. Of course, visiting Topkapı Palace in your limited time in Istanbul might be difficult. However, you could book guided Topkapı Palace Museum tours to save you a lot of time. With guided tours, you will not have to wait in ticket lines and will be guided by people who will help you discover this historical complex as you wish.

Често поставувани прашања

Каква е политиката за маски за лице во палатата Топкапи?
Currently, face masks are not required indoors except for public transport. However, many people still use face masks to protect themselves from any kind of health issue.
Дали Музејот на палатата Топкапи редовно се санира?
Topkapı Palace Museum is sanitized regularly for visitors not to experience any kind of health problems.
Во кое време од годината можам да го посетам музејот на палатата Топкапи?
You could visit the Topkapı Palace Museum all year!
Дали музејот на палатата Топкапи е затворен во недела?
No, the Topkapı Palace Museum is not closed on Sundays. But it is closed on Tuesdays.
Во кои часови Музејот на палатата Топкапи е отворен за посети?
Topkapı Palace Museum opens at 9 am and closes at 6 pm except on holidays.

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Сите ваши планови за разгледување, подредени! Пропусницата ќе ви овозможи да ги прескокнете линиите за билети, да заштеди пари и да ве води низ сите најдобри атракции во градот!

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Истражете ги иконите на Истанбул! Оваа 180-минутна инклузивна пешачка тура ги открива Германската фонтана, византиските обелиси, хиподромот, дворот на Сината џамија и Света Софија во едно незаборавно патување. На крајот на денот, дегустација на чај ја комплетира радоста на оваа неверојатна турнеја. Резервирајте го вашето место веднаш!

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Обиколка со водич во палатата Топкапи со билет за прескокнување на линијата
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