Meroddi Pera Hotel
Boutique Certificated


When we set off in 2013, our dream was to provide our hotel guests with the opportunity to live and breathe the essence and history of Galata in a single street. So, we decided to turn almost every 19th century Ottoman house in Şahkulu Street into an integrated unit of a single hotel. Today Meroddi Pera Hotel is the first and only hotel of its kind in the whole of Istanbul, working under the concept of “distributed hospitality.”

Pera is a popular and historic place in Galata and you can discover the district with İstiklal Street- Walk in Beyoğlu tour. The tour starts with you meeting our guides, then they will accompany you on the discovery of the many little side streets of İstiklal street. There you will have the advantage of exploring many historic buildings and many souvenir shops. Taksim street has been one of the most famous streets of Istanbul, attracting millions of tourists every year. Taksim Street is the home of many historical buildings, embassies, fancy hotels, theatres, restaurants and many international and local shops of Istanbul. This is a half-day tour, where you will discover beauties of Taksim street and have a chance to chat with our guide about background of Taksim and you will be equipped with trivial facts about certain historic structures. You will also visit the magnificent Armenian and Romanic churches and explore the breath-taking environment. This tour will also show that even though Taksim has countless beauties in it, Asmali Mescit and Meze by Lemon tree is an excellent way to relieve your tiredness in the middle of the city.

Jewish district of Istanbul tour is also a nice alternative to explore different textures of Istanbul. In this half-day tour, we will walk you through the colorful streets of Galata, Istanbul’s Jewish districts and inform you about Jewish community living in Istanbul and how their culture and Istanbul in general reciprocally shape the culture and living style. Jewish community has been living in parts of Istanbul for hundreds of years, and after Fatih the conqueror conquered Istanbul, he encouraged Jewish community to move here to repopulate and enrich the city. Most of these people settled near Galata, which is close to Golden Horn. This tour will allow you to take amazing pictures for you to put on social media and keep as memory. We will discover the Jewish synagogues, the Jewish museum, local Jewish houses and more in this tour, and our professional guides will narrate you the story of Abraham Kamondo and more.

You should also know that when you come to or leave Istanbul, whether to Sabiha Gokcen or Istanbul Airport , we can provide you with our transfer services. Istanbul`s beauty also comes from its size, but from time to time this can be a problem. With our airport services, you will be able to program your schedule effectively and with comfort. This transportation service can be provided for maximum 5 people on one vehicle. Our transferman will reach to the airport prior to your landing and will arrive to your pick-up location to ensure you reach the airport in enough time to arrange your flight procedures. Don’t forget to use our pocket wifi- unlimited internet- delivery to your hotel service to keep your communication with the online World alive! You know how hard life can become these days without always having the internet to guide you through your visits, we are here for you to solve this problem too!

Meroddi Pera Hotel serves as a boutique hotel since 2013, its 61 rooms in 7 historic buildings are located next to each other in the Şahkulu neighbourhood in Galata. Each property was carefully restored with utmost respect to the history of the building.

1891 records show the owner of our main building (Şahkulu Street, No. 20) as Mr. Andre Madeleny, who had a pharmacy, that also sold orthopaedic materials, at Grande Rue de Pera. This is why we name the main building after “Maison Madeleny,” today.




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