Maria'nın Bahçesi


We choose for you from the menu mainly fish and seafood, octopus grilled, squid accordion, mulles marinier, skewer, sinagirite, sword, coral, dülger, menus, swallow, perch, perch in oven, 85 kinds of domestic, imported wine.   Maria's Garden Küçükyalı offers special tastes of Aegean cuisine. The crustacean stuffed olives, olive oil cibes, shrimp sahanaki, fish on stacking, papucaki, topik, mussel keel, paellai octopus grill (spesiotiko), squid stuffed squid are only the first ones that come to mind.   We believe that saffron artichokes hearts, non-seafood artichokes, fruit celery, tira meatballs with artichoke in orange sauce, lambs in paper, eunya's beef or grilled sausage options will delight you.   Maria's garden, where you can enjoy brunch on Sundays, welcomes guests with peace of mind.   You can enjoy the unique tastes of being in the Aegean garden and Aegean house in Küçükyalı coastal area through Maria's Garden.




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