Köşkeroğlu Kebap


Our company was founded in 1946 by our father Hacı Mehmet Ali Kaya in Gaziantep. Since its inception in Gaziantep, it has been continuing its production as Gold Wire Baklava and Kadayifs without compromising on quality. In 1986, our first branch was opened in Istanbul and the name Altın Tel was changed to Köşkeroğlu. The name of Köşkeroğlu came into being because we wanted to keep his name alive because our grandfather was a shoe master. At the moment we are doing the same work as the 2nd generation. We currently serve as Karaköy Center, Karaköy Branch, Merter Branch and Topçular Branch in Istanbul. In Istanbul, the administration was shared between the brothers of Süleyman Bey and Cengiz Bey. All our materials are provided from our center in Gaziantep.




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