Kalyon Hotel
4 Stars


We make ensure that our guests feel comfortable at Kalyon by providing high-quality products and ser vices in the best manner in comfortable, modern and safe secure environment. We consider our visitors at Kalyon not as customers but rather as respectable and valuable guests. We engage in a courteous and cordial communication whenever we meet encounter our guests enjoying our products and services at Kalyon, and make sure that they feel the distinction of Kalyon at all the times. We work as a team at Kalyon and regard other employees as members of the team. We fully endeavor to ensure the safety, comfort and satisfaction of our guests by meeting their requests at Kalyon, regardless of conditions under whatever circumstances. We emphasize 3 values in all our relationships at Kalyon: Respect, Courtesy, and Cordiality. We believe that working at Kalyon contributes to our professional improvement development and we strive to contribute to ourselves, our team members and our company. We embrace honesty, integrity and respect towards people as our core values at Kalyon.




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