İncirli Şaraphane


Soul by restoring an older wineries in the Group's 2012 Kuruçeşme, İncirli gave to Istanbul Winery, with 650 different kinds of wine and reasonably priced Turkey's richest known as cava. Decorated by Incanli by Handan Oney, now decorating the wine, iyle Art Pizzas özel in the wood oven with fun, different presentations and gourmet tastes are accompanied by 30 different varieties of special local and foreign cheeses, delicatessen and different gourmet delicacies. The star of October is yıldız Black Truffle Mushroom Pizza Ekim. This pizza, which is collected from the mountains of Perugia, Italy with the help of hunter dogs and made with fresh truffle mushrooms, will be presented in a limited number. Cheese and delicatessen corner, Kars Boğatepe old scrape, obruk cave grilled cheese, Corum from Kargı overalls, Bosphorus bacon without bacon, grilled Tokat mousse are some of the local flavors.




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