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XtremAventures Istanbul

Safe entertainment for the children as well as adults is at Xtrem Aventures!

Adventure lovers’ new addiction, Xtrem Aventures, with its action-packed courses is full of adrenaline and also extremely fun. This is an adventure park for those who like to spend time and have a challenging but entertaining experience in the nature. You can enjoy yourself at the park in between trees, choosing between easy and hard courses in the woods. Try to finish the 5 carefully planned courses, with varying levels of difficulty, in 2 hours with 100% secure safety harnesses. Swing on ropes, try to jump from tree to tree and keep having fun while trying to walk on the nets and not lose your balance. Lord of the Rings’ mysterious “Hobbit Village” is at Xtrem Aventures! The beautiful and charming “Hobbit Village” which is located in New Zealand, where The Lord of the Rings was filmed, is available for the kids for the first time at Xtrem Aventures Istanbul. There are all kinds of surprises for the children in three Hobbit Houses inside the village, with its trees, bridges, ropes and adventurous roads.

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Allan - June 04, 2019

This was my son s first thema park. Liked the mesh and did not want to come us. :)

Charles - April 02, 2019

While childeren are playing with ipads, this can be a solution to redirect them to nature. My daughter liked so much the Quick Jump.

Ruby - July 05, 2019

A part of Survivor Competition. Enjoyable, but the other day you can feel the difference if you are not a sportive person.

Johanes - February 10, 2019

Un poco difícil de ubicar, pero muy divertido. Pasamos un rato genial

Sydney - January 25, 2019

The visit to the place was with my 3 years old son. The place is divided to sections depending on traffic age, it was very safe and extremely fun. Both her and I had enjoyed the facility and would like to to do it again. A must visit for both children and adults.

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XtremAventures Istanbul Entrance Ticket

Are you ready for an action-packed adventure? Jump and swing between trees on the courses at Xtrem Aventures. You'll feel like Tarzan!...

From €9.50 /per person

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