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Abraham - August 24, 2019

He did not leave from Build&Test side. I hope he will not be a Nascar Pilot. He is still in his 5. What is happening to these new kids? Growing so speed.

Timothy - May 20, 2019

Find a reason to leave there before you go. Kids do not want to leave. Maybe a sleeping pill. :D Nooo, just a joke. But maybe? No No.. Last decision. :D Find another solution.

Dana - July 06, 2019

Rules are changing. You cannot enter inside without your kid. I arrived there before my wife and son. But I could not enter inside before they come. Interesting.

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Legoland Discovery Centre Entrance Ticket

You're only limited by your imagination so think big and enjoy building empires, fortresses, palaces and more with LEGO® bricks and figures....

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