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Istanbul Walks is Tour Operator that organises Daily City Tours and Walking Tours in Istanbul and Turkey with its company owned vehicles. We are licensed as “A Group No 6174” from the ministry of Culture and Tourism...

Istanbul Walks is Tour Operator that organises Daily City Tours and Walking Tours in Istanbul and Turkey with its company owned vehicles. We are licensed as “A Group No 6174” from the ministry of Culture and Tourism. Our company is member of the Association of Travel Agencies of Turkey. Istanbul Walks is part of Antonina Turizm and Travel Company Group -Turkey’s number one specialist in Cultural Tourism. Our company was established in 1997 and since then we are operating as Turkey’s number one specialist in Cultural Tourism. We have incoming and – outbound departments; Tours with Nostalgic American Automobiles known as Dolmush Cars is an innovation that our Firm has developed successfully. Our many years of experience and success in organizing cultural tours in Turkish, encouraged us to develop the English version of walking tours in Istanbul. Therefore, we proudly say that we are the first and only company organizing walking tours in Istanbul. We are the only travel agency that is able to organize more than 40 tours in English in Istanbul. ISTANBUL WALKS is listed as a recommended travel agency in 2013 editions of Lonely Planet’s Istanbul Encounter and Turkey guide books.

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Dianna - January 10, 2019

It was great to get away from the crowds and enjoy strolling around these unbelievable streets. It is a district where muslim, christian and jewish people have lived together in peace. Should be visited.

Melissa - May 20, 2019

Balat was very charming. I love the atmosphere there. A photo opportunity at every corner.

Jimmy - June 05, 2019

Old colored buildings with nice cafes all over the place. great for street photography!

Maryann - April 22, 2019

The guide was perfect. He took us to interesting streets. Unique tour with its unique route!

Dora - July 12, 2019

Informative guide who told us different stories from Byzantine times! Strolling down on the streets that normally we cannot explore on my own was a good experience fore me.

Things to do with Istanbul Walks

Half Day Old City Tour: Istanbul Classics

Explore the streets of Istanbul's Old City, visit its best attractions and learn about its amazing history for yourself! ...

From €40.00 /per person

Half Day Old City Tour: Topkapi Palace & Sultanahmet District

Spend an afternoon exploring Topkapi Palace, pass by the Hagia Irene Church and wander the streets of Sultanahmet visiting Caferaga Medres and Sogukcesme Street. ...

From €40.00 /per person

Bosphorus Cruise & Sightseeing Golden Horn

Visit the Spice Bazaar and Rüstem Pasha Mosque, plus enjoy a 90 minute Bosphorus cruise to see Istanbul's best landmarks from the sea. ...

From €40.00 /per person

Istiklal Street - Walk in Beyoğlu

Join us as we explore Taksim Square and one of the most popular streets in Istanbul, Istıklal Street. Browse hundreds of shops, cafés, and historic sites on the way....

From €70.00 /per person

Asian Side of Istanbul: Üsküdar & Kadıköy

Explore the beautiful streets and discover the interesting history of Üsküdar and Kadikoy with us! ...

From €90.00 /per person

Night at Istanbul: Turkish Food Tour

One of the best parts of travelling is tasting delicious local food! Join us as we eat and drink our way through the must-try items on the local menu....

From €75.00 /per person

Galata - The Genoese Walks

Join us for a walking tour around the historic Galata neighbourhood, see Galata Tower and hear fascinating stories, myths, and legends about the area....

From €70.00 /per person

Full Day Old City Tour: Istanbul Classics & Highlights

A full-day tour of Istanbul's Old City featuring all the highlights: Hagia Sophia, Topkapı Palace, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar and more. ...

From €80.00 /per person

Dolmabahçe Palace and Asian Side of Istanbul Çamlıca Hill

Enjoy a great view of the Bosphorus Bridge, take awesome photos on Çamlıca Hill and experience Ottoman Empire history at Dolmabahçe Palace....

From €40.00 /per person

Bosphorus Cruise & Dolmabahçe Palace with Asian Side visit

Visit the Spice Bazaar, cruise the Bosphorus Strait, enjoy lunch on the Asian side, take in the view from Camlica Hill and explore Dolmabahce Palace. What a day!...

From €80.00 /per person

Jewish District of Istanbul

Join us for a 3-hour walk through the colourful streets of Galata and learn about the Jewish community in Istanbul....

From €70.00 /per person

Cruise on Bosphorus & Pierre Loti Hill

Spend a lovely afternoon riding the cable car to Pierre Loti Hill for the best view of the Golden Horn and cruising the beautiful Bosphorus. ...

From €40.00 /per person

Jewish District & Bosphorus Cruise with Pierre Loti Hill

Explore Galata and learn the history of the Jewish community in Istanbul, ride the cable car and enjoy the highlights of the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus. ...

From €105.00 /per person

Byzantine Monasteries of Istanbul

Discover the remaining Byzantine sights in Istanbul including monasteries, churches and ruins with the help of an expert guide. ...

From €90.00 /per person

Cruise to Princes Islands: Walk in Büyükada

Sail to the Sea of Maramara and visit the largest of the Princes' Islands. Learn about its interesting history and admire its natural beauty....

From €70.00 /per person

Istiklal Street & Galata - The Genoese Walks

Join us on a walking tour to explore Taksim Square, Istiklal Street, and the historic neighbourhood of Galata. ...

From €140.00 /per person

Art Walks - The Contemporary of Istanbul

Come and explore the variety of modern and contemporary art in Istanbul. Visit hidden galleries and see the unique work of Turkey’s most creative artists....

From €100.00 /per person

Shopping in Grand Bazaar

Shop up a storm on a 4-hour shopping tour at the Grand Bazaar! Visit the most reputable shops and learn to haggle with our expert guide....

From €30.00 /per person

Walk Along the Divan Yolu

Join us for a walk along the Divan Yolu, the ancient road from Constantinople to Rome, and discover the many monuments and other historic sights along the way. ...

From €70.00 /per person

Grand Bazaar - Walk in the Oldest Shopping Mall

The Grand Bazaar is not only for shopping! Join us on a guided tour to participate in interesting workshops and see the best Turkish artisans at work....

From €70.00 /per person

Blue Mosque Area - Ottoman & Byzantine Heritage

Explore the must-see area for all visitors to Istanbul, Sultanahmet. See important Byzantine and Ottoman landmarks and learn their history from your expert guide. ...

From €70.00 /per person

Orient Express Trail

Be transported back to 19th century Istanbul as we take the Orient Express Trail Walk and discover the area that inspired Agatha Christie's famous novel. ...

From €70.00 /per person

Süleymaniye to Vefa: In the trail of Architect Sinan

See the largest mosque complex of the Ottoman Empire, Suleymaniye Mosque, and discover the historic Istanbul neighbourhoods of Suleymaniye and Vefa....

From €70.00 /per person

Fatih Mosque to Edirnekapı: The Story of the Conqueror

Come and learn the story of Mehmet the Conqueror! Explore the Fatih Mosque Complex and discover the world of the Ottoman Sultans. ...

From €70.00 /per person

University to Fındıkzade: The Heart of Ancient Constantinople

Let our guide show you the amazing historical parts of Istanbul with a morning tour starting from Istanbul University and ending in Findikzade....

From €70.00 /per person

Samatya: The Armenian District

Join us for a walking tour that explores the diverse religious and cultural backgrounds of Samatya. See Armenian churches, Greek Orthodox churches and mosques. ...

From €70.00 /per person

Archeology Museum: Treasures of Ancient Civilisations

Join us for an unforgettable day at the European Council's "Museum of The Year" and experience the ancient world as never before!...

From €70.00 /per person

Sufi Shrines of İstanbul

Are you interested in Turkish culture and religion? Join us for a unique tour that explores Sufi practices and philosophy....

From €100.00 /per person

Eyüp - The Ottoman District

Discover Eyüp, the holy place that many Muslims visit each year. Continue to the famous Pierre Loti Hill and enjoy the view of the Golden Horn. ...

From €70.00 /per person

Walk on the City Walls

Join us for a tour along the ancient city walls and see the Yedikule Fortress Dungeons, churches, cemeteries and works of the great Ottoman architect, Mimar Sinan. ...

From €70.00 /per person

Fener: The Greek Orthodox District

Join us as we explore the fascinating Fener district of Istanbul....

From €70.00 /per person

Balat to Tekfur: Mystery walk in the Old Town

Join us for a tour of the colourful streets of Balat and experience the Jewish, Armenian, Bulgarian and Byzantine history of the area. ...

From €70.00 /per person

Turkish Coffee Trail - Story of Turkish Coffee

Join us for a guided tour of the best Turkish coffee houses in Istanbul and learn how to make authentic Turkish coffee yourself....

From €50.00 /per person

Bosphorus Night Cruise by a Private Boat & Fish & Chips

Join us for a cruise on the Bosphorus to see the beautiful city of Istanbul at night and try the classic Turkish street food, "Balik Ekmek"!...

From €15.00 /per person


A visit to the state-of-the-art facility, Istanbul Aquarium, is fun for the whole family!...

From €35.00 /per person

CHORA CHURCH Guided Museum Visit

Visit the Church of the Holy Saviour in Chora to see the oldest and best surviving examples of Byzantine mosaics and frescoes....

From €15.00 /per person

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