Hayri Usta Ocakbaşı


Hayri Ustaines owner Hayri Karacan, who came to Istanbul from his hometown, Urfa, started living in. The small shop it opened has been growing over the years as a result of the increase in its customer base, and even after expanding it by taking a few shops on the street, it makes a few floors in the first place. It has the same service with the same service for years. Hayri Usta, the person who introduced the understanding of panic to Istanbul kebab lovers. Up to Hayri Usta, there was almost no service available in Istanbul as kebab shops. Hayri Usta, with the so-called bir nail pita yapıy pita bread, makes its unique tastes and rolls, served in a paper, not on a plate. The menu includes Urfa, Adana, liver roasting, chicken skewers, mushroom and lamb skewers, and also served as servings. Lamb bottle also opens the parenthesis Hayri Usta her The lamb is expensive and labor-intensive, not every kebab meat lambs menu. A good lamb must be found, then sauces, rest and should be included in the menu at an affordable price. It doesn't go all the way. But we don't hesitate to keep it in our menu for years. Or Lamb skewers are both delicious and delicious. There are only customers coming here to eat lamb skewers. Hayri Usta manufactures and sells meat from the same butcher shop in the same region of Balıkesir since it was opened and operated as a mobile. The other important flavor of the place is the stuffed meatballs. İçli Köfte is one of the best in Istanbul. Spice rate, coconut, fine pulp is quite successful. İçli Köfte, raw meatballs and künefe stalls at the beginning of Hayri Usta'da Antepli Servet Master's skilled hands are on duty. As of the end of the 90's, Hayri Usta is the same in 2017 as in 1996, with its unchanging chefs, unchanging presentation and unchanging service staff, which has made its mark on Beyoğlu's food understanding. Hayri Usta is open until late at night and also serves takeaway places.




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