Go Mongo


The birth of this authentic cuisine, which we can translate into Turkish as Mongolian Barbeque, goes back to the traditional hunting parties in Mongolia. One hundred years ago, the Mongols gathered in the banquet tents after the hunting parties, sliced ​​the meat and vegetables with their swords and cooked this mixture on the shields. This idea has been modernized with the service concept of the West and the present “Mongolian Barbeque anlayış concept has been created. In the westernized version, uncooked meat, vegetables, sauce and spices are displayed in the food bar. Right next to this bar there is a grill in the form of a circle. The customers from the food bar deliver the mixture prepared according to their tastes and preferences to be cooked to the grill chef and follow the preparation of the food if they wish. The Go Mongo concept was developed with the idea of ​​allowing guests to taste the special dishes of Asian cuisine alongside the Mongolian barbecue and the outstanding examples of South Asian cuisines (Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Japan) were included in the menu under the direction of our Far Eastern chef. With its Bar Mongolian Barbeque ”products that are at the center of our concept, it is as delicious as it is nutritious. The simple preparation of the meal and its appeal to the five senses were the most important movements in the creation of Go Mongo. It is in the hands of the consumer to prepare fresh, low fat, high vitamins and healthy mixtures. In addition, meat, fish, vegetable lovers can create rich blends according to their preferences. There is no limit to creativity in this concept. It is possible to create a large number of different mixes from meat, vegetables and spices and sauces. Other Asian cuisine products in our menu have been carefully selected and applied considering Turkish taste and taste. Go Mongo is a concept where contemporary, exploratory, social and Eastern cuisine and Western service culture meet.




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