Gezi Hotel Bosphorus
Boutique Certificated


With its breathtaking view of Bosphorus, Gezi Hotel Bosphorus is a green starred boutique Hotel & Spa. It is located at the center of the city, it is only few minutes away from Taksim Square and  Istiklal Street, and neighboring the beautiful greenery of the famous Gezi Park. The hotel offers 67 concept suites and deluxe rooms, including penthouse Sky Suites, and suites with Bosphorus and panoramic garden views. 

The hotel offers open-buffet breakfast every morning as well as 24-hour room service and personal cooking on request. It also involves Blu Istanbul, a urban and chic rendezvous for hotel guests and local gourmets. Blu Istanbul serves Neo Local variations of Turkish and Mediterranean cuisines. Guests are welcomed to wine and dine anytime during the day with a panoramic view of Istanbul skyline. 

Bordering the bosporus, the hotel is “an oasis in the confused Istanbul”. The hotel reflects the metropolitan nature of Istanbul with its modern and cosy design. 

The hotel is very conveniently located, it is only minutes away from Taksim Square and Istiklal Caddesi and Cihangir, where guests can explore many art galleries and authentic cafes. The hotel is fairly close to the main tourist attractions, the Old City is only twenty minutes by car! 

If you like to have a day full of history, you can join  Istanbul Classics tour that covers the Old City! The tour begins at Sultan Ahmet Square, at the heart of the Old City, where Ottoman and Byzantine Empires ruled years ago. Tour begins with Hagia Sophia, constructed as a Greek Orthodox Cathedral and later used as an imperial mosque by the Ottoman Empire. After seeing that magical place where two distinct culture intersects, tour moves on to Blue Mosque, which is located just opposite of Hagia Sophia. Constructed during the rule of Ahmed I, Blue Mosque is still in use as a mosque today. In the mean time, group will see Hippodrome of Constantinople or Sultan Ahmet Square as it is called today. There are also few monuments from Byzantine period is present, such as Serpentine ColumnObelisk of Theodosius and German Fountain of Wilhelm II. After a day full of historical sights, the tour will conclude the day in Grand Bazaar, the most authentic and attractive shopping center in Istanbul. Visitors can shop leather, antiques, jewelry, souvenirs and many more in its nearly 3600 shops. 

If you are interested in art, you may also join Istanbul Art Walks - The Contemporary of Istanbul if you like to explore one of the cultural hot spots in Eurasia. The group will gather in front of Galatasaray High School, that is 20 minutes from the hotel by walking, and heads off to explore artsy neighborhoods in Istanbul with a local art professional. With a walk down the Istiklal Street, the tour visits SALT Galata, which hosts various exhibitions, performances and screenings. The facility also provides access to many digital and print resources and spaces dedicated for research. After this informative visit, the group will proceed towardsTophane and Karakoy to discover local art galleries. On the way, the group will pay a visit to Pera Museum, which brings together diverse works from variety of cultures. The tour will end in  Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, a critically acclaimed modern museum that hosts Istanbul Biennial in every two years. 

With its closeness to main tourist attractions and the cultural center of the city, Gezi Bosphorus is a perfect opportunity to experience Istanbul in both its historicity and metropolitan nature. 




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