Et Mekan Steak House & Cafe


Et mekan steakhouse restaurant was founded by Alagoz family in 2013, on the hills of Camlıca. Camlıca is considered as one of the most beautiful places of Istanbul, as it has many green areas in it. Et mekan is a natural and green place in the middle of the city, it brings comfort of quiet and connects its guests with nature. It is a peaceful environment for you to relax and enjoy its breakfast survive, top quality steaks or take a drink from their diverse menu and watch a football match live with a hookah. Et mekan is a hidden garden surrounded with trees and greens. 
Asian side of the city has many more hidden gems like Et Mekan. Asian side of Istanbul tour is a full day tour where you will discover the beauties of the Asian part of the city. You will discover the most famous historic places of UskudarKadikoy. Tour starts with a walking tour around the charming Ottoman district, with many cultural heritages such as mosques, historic Ottoman houses, building complexes and more. Our Professional guide will inform you about historical importance and development of these places. After 3 hours of exploring, we will have a lunch break at a local restaurant. Then we will transfer to Kadikoy, which is also known as Chalcedon, meaning city of the blind. This harbor district of the city is equipped with many historical structures as well. Kadikoy is also one of the finest neighborhoods of the city, common folk is very friendly and helpful here, streets are always populated and alive, there are music rising from every corner of the district. Even drinking coffee in Kadikoy is joyful. We will discover the narrow streets of this joyful district, discover the famous fish market and go to Moda, a beautiful coast of Marmara Sea with lots of green and trees. We will keep on visiting mosques, churches and mansions in this area with our Professional guide. Lastly, we will take a 20-minute boat ride back to European side of the city.

Nevertheless, we cannot deny the beauties European side of the city possesses. With Istanbul top 5 attractions combo option, you will be able to discover most amazing historical structures of Istanbul, built in times of Ottoman EmpireRoman Emprire and Byzantine Empire. This combo includes visits to Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Basilica CisternBosphorus Dinner Cruise and 24-hour hop-on-off BigBus tour. Hagia Sophia was originally built by the East Roman Empire as a glorious church, until Fatih the Conqueror conquered Istanbul and turned this magnificent piece of art into a mosque. Up until Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder of the Turkish Republic, Hagia Sophia continued to serve as a mosque, Ataturk then changed it to museum as it is today. It contains rich historical and cultural heritage from past governmental eras. Topkapi Palace served as residence of the royal Ottoman family and it was also the centre for governmental and educational functions of the Empire. In this historic structure, you will witness the brightest era of the Ottoman Empire in its glory. You will walk through many sections of the building such as armory and weaponry, sacred relics department, sofa mosque and many more. Basilica cistern is an underground part of the Hagia Sophia, built by the orders of Byzantine Emperor Justinian I in 527. It is called Yerebatan (sunk underground) due to marble columns rising from the water. There is also a basilica in the place where cistern is located. Basilica Cistern is a visual show of the beauty our city holds. Bosphorus Dinner cruise is an amazing opportunity to relieve your tiredness after a long day of city exploration and have a remarkable night on a boat on Bosphorus. This event takes approximately 4 hours and you will be sailing around the Bosphorus with many events like belly dancer shows, professional DJs, unlimited local alcoholic dinners with meat, fish or vegetable dinner options. Bosphorus’ gentle winds and colorful lights of the city will accompany you in this fine experience. Bigbus tour will allow you to enjoy beauties of the city as you sit and travel through most iconic places of Istanbul. Bigbus tour is perfect if you don’t want to lose your energy walking through and through all the iconic places or lose your enthusiasm in public transportation.
Et mekan means meat place. But et mekan’s beauties is not limited to its top-quality meat. It offers unique, mesmerizing garden in the middle of the city. It offers relaxing time to spend with your friends and family in a shiny day while birds sing. It offers, tranquility.




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