Et Mekan Steak House & Cafe


Et mekan steakhouse restaurant was founded by Alagoz family in 2013, on the hills of Camlıca. Camlıca is considered as one of the most beautiful places of Istanbul, as it has many green areas in it. Et mekan is a natural and green place in the middle of the city, it brings comfort of quiet and connects its guests with nature. It is a peaceful environment for you to relax and enjoy its breakfast survive, top quality steaks or take a drink from their diverse menu and watch a football match live with a hookah. Et mekan is a hidden garden surrounded with trees and greens. 
Et mekan means meat place. But et mekan’s beauties is not limited to its top-quality meat. It offers unique, mesmerizing garden in the middle of the city. It offers relaxing time to spend with your friends and family in a shiny day while birds sing. It offers, tranquility.




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