Dönerci Ali Usta


Döner is one of the most famous and iconic Turkish food. Succulent meat döner has been World famous for years, and you can easily find a place that sells döner at every corner of Istanbul. These pollution leads to failure for many of these döner places. But the ones that take this historic food art seriously, who do their job carefully, meticulously and professionally rises. Dönerci Ali Usta is one of these restaurants. Their traditional flavor is combined with top-quality livestocks, create a unique taste in this popular meal.

In your Istanbul visit, you can discover the Fener the Greek Orthodox district with our tour. One aspect of Istanbul’s beauty comes from existence of folks from different ethnicities, religions living peacefully together. Istanbul embraced and keeps embracing these different people for over thousands of years and in this way, there is no other city in the world alike. Fener is a district where Greek Orthodox population of the city has lived until the 20thcentury and it holds many historic churches and historical buildings for you to discover. In this tour you will see an ancient Byzantine church, which is unique because it is the only church made of iron and steel in the world. Our guides will show you many of the touristic beauties of this districts where you will encounter palaces, pavements, Greek houses. Cultural importance of this area is emphasized by the fact that they are under the protection of UNESCO.

Tour to Byzantium with Patriarchate visit is an excellent way to see lifestyles of previous settlers of Istanbul, the Byzantine Empire. It is doubtless that Byzantine Empire’s cultural heritage is as important as Ottoman Empire. It is pointless to deny that Ottomans’ culture took a lot from Byzantine Empire. Ottomans tried to preserve the texture of the city, respected lifestyles of common folk, therefore we can say that Istanbul today is combination of these big Empires. In this tour, you will start with a visit to the Greek Patriarchate at Fener, which is right next to Golden Horn. Golden Horn always had a historical importance for Istanbul, with its strategic geology and inspiring view. Greek Patriarchate is where Great Constantine accepted and announced the declaration of Orthodox Christianity. Then we will visit the Panagia Church, also known as Hagiasma Church of Mother Mary, and we will discover the secret bath of this church. After visiting the religious places of society, we will look at the Anemas Dungeons. Anemas Dungeons are part of the great Blachernae Palace, located near Golden Horn as well. This Palace was constructed with 14 dungeons and 2 basements below sea level, and used as main prison of the Byzantine Empire, where also political prisons were held. Lastly, we will visit the Chora Museum, which was built originally as a Byzantine monastery, its glory is evident from its marvelous mosaics and frescoes from holy Bible, spreading stories of Jesus.
Istanbul embraces countless mesmerizing textures in it. While our tours guide you on cultural heritage and artifacts from different settlers of Istanbul, Dönerci Ali Usta can guide you on food culture of the city and Turkey. Dönerci Ali Usta welcomes you to join them for a good lunch in their friendly, authentic place.




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