Darüssade İstanbul Hotel
Special Certificated


Welcome to Darussaade (Gateway to Happiness) Hotel | ISTANBUL in the historic walled city, former Palace estate grounds, along a garland of waterways—the Bosphorous and the Marmara Sea. Our elegant Ottoman style, full-service boutique hotel—was completely restored in 2007, from pre-20th century original, architectural plans. NEW our enclosed rooftop offers breakfast-lunch-sunset views and dining around-the-clock. Step into the historical and mysterious hallways of our 19th century mansion, where each room is unique and offers comforts of the present. Don’t hesitate to sneak up to the rooftop anytime and dine, have a coffee, cocktail and let your imagination float across the landscape. Our key location in the heart of Istanbul’s historic Peninsula means you can easily move from the historic to the vibrant city streets alive with a mixture of carpet shops, Turkish artisan crafts, street food and the ancient mosques and museums to city life and the urban trendy and chic.




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