White Looks Good on İstanbul!

White Looks Good on İstanbul!

Istanbul has covered in snow since new year and at the first weekend of June, snow effected the city much more.

It started snowing in Istanbul right before the new year and made the day even more epic. But as the weekend, heavy fall of snow caused unexpected disruptions in daily life.

However streets covered with white made a great view, especially transportation problems was occured. To prevent risks, government declared day off for schools and for the state employees who have health problems, pregnancy and disabilities.

Even so city state took precautions, transportation disruptions effected the city life. Bosphorus is closed to shipping traffic and ferries were cancelled. People had problems to drive their cars, even they had hard times to identify theirs under the snow. Busses and road transportation stopped or worked in minimised performance.

As all transportation ways, airway transportation is affected from weather, hundreds of flights are cancelled.

City state announced their help to homeless people and street animals. Announced phone numbers for calls and shared their helping photos to street animals on social media.

People mostly stayed at their homes, even worked from home until the snow effect on the streets is gone.

Despite the problems on transportation, everybody admit that snow looks amazing on this legendary city and Istanbul needed that joy after all its been through. Istanbul ctizens and tourists played with snow, snowballs and snowmans made them remember the fun of this city.

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