Vialand Theme Park & Shopping Mall Tour

A full-day tour for family funn. Enjoy all types of coasters including a ride that takes you back to the day Istanbul was conquered. Shop in one of the biggest shopping malls of Istanbul.

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  • Explore Vialand Theme Park that has entertainment capacity of 10 thousand people
  • Enjoy the various rides Park offers ; Roller Coaster, Family Coaster, Splash Coaster, Drip Tower, Viking, 360, Crazy river and Fatih Dark Ride.
  • Have a unique experience of shopping in one of the biggest and most famous shopping centers in Istanbul


If you are visiting Istanbul as a family with kids this tour is just for you. You will be picked up from your hotel and be brought to Vialand Theme Park. This Park is the first complex to combine a luxury hotel, dozens of restaurants as well as a cinema, games center, open-air performance venue, theme park, shopping center and exhibition center in one. It has a lot of visitors from all over the world. The theme park offers various kinds of rides from coasters with speed reaching 110 km in 3 seconds to water-filled train rides and a Fatih Dark Ride that brings you back in time to 1453. After trying these rides and enjoying the thrill you will also have a free time in one of the biggest and most famous shopping centers in Istanbul to see and shop from world's and Turkey's most famous stores. Following free time you will be driven back to your hotel.




Start: 10.30am End: 18.00

Pick-up from hotel.

Price Includes
Transportation and entrance fee of Vialand Theme Park


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