7 Types of People You'd Encounter on the Streets of Istanbul

There are, officially, more than 14 million people in Istanbul and it is incredible to know that they all have a unique genetical code. However what if I told you that there are 7 common types of people, behaviorally speaking, that you'd surely encounter

Here is an entertaining list of idiosyncratic Istanbulites...


1) Long Lost Hippies

hippie animated GIF

Imagine that you are in the subway, lost in thought and probably going to a dull place and one of a sudden colors of the rainbow and dreadlocks and wide smiles burst into your vision. They are the legendary hippies of Istanbul. Probably born in another country, visited Istanbul one day and fell in love with the city. They just wanted to stay and didn't mind the expiration of their passports. Hear their call folks. It is the love generation!

2) Business People in a rush

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If White Collars were angels, Istanbul would be their heaven! And believe me, those angels are in a real hurry... While strolling around Istanbul, you will see them almost everywhere and best thing to do then, is pretending like you found something extraordinarily interesting somewhere away and move out of their way. They are really nice people in their off-times, really...

3) Elder women who have absolutely no destination

Do you know when and where you will encounter these ladies? Always in front of you and when you're in a hurry! Let's say that you have a very limited time to arrive at an exam, or you're getting late to the first date with the 'love of your life'; these ladies will apparete in front of you faster than a Death Eater. The rest will be a zigzagging game...

4) Tourists

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Earlier we had mentioned that Istanbul has 14 million inhabitants. Let's double that because we hadn't included the tourists! Istanbul is one of the best travel destinations in the World and it is not very surprising that it is crawling with happy foreign faces. You'll notice that some of them have an even wider smile, they're Istanbul Tourist Passers! We love you guys! It is a privilege to share Istanbul with you :)

5) The Not-Very-Evolved Ones 

20th Century Fox animated GIF

True, they are also in Istanbul and unfortunately their number is not as less as we hope for. You guessed right, they are the 'rude ones'... But don't worry about them dear Istanbulite/ Istanbul visitor, nobody can runaway from the laws of nature!

6) Real Istanbulites

smoking animated GIF

Definition of an Istanbulite differes widely and anyone who feels at home in Istanbul is an Istanbulite. However, there are some ladies and gentlemen who deserves to be called as an Istanbulite more than anyone: The graceful people of good manners, the ones who don't only live in Istanbul but they're the embodiment of Istanbul themselves. I take my hat off to you ladies and gentlemen!

7) Erasmus People

dancing animated GIF

Compared to the centuries old history of Istanbul, this unexplained community has a very brief history in the city. However their effect is inversely proportional with their time on this land! Coming from all around Europe and adding the global exchange students to their ranks, Erasmus people are ready to conquer Istanbul, the city of entertainment, and they mean it. Nothing left to do but joining their ranks and partying like there is no tomorrow!

What are your idiosyncratic Istanbulites like? Brainstorm with us in the comments section below!

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